Lux-X has taken part in the «Packaging industry. Current development trends» conference

Food packaging is an essential element in protecting food from spoilage. It must meet safety, compatibility, environmental friendliness and reliability requirements. Packaging preserves the quality and consumer properties of products while also reducing losses during transportation and storage.

Materials used in packaging production should not affect the product itself, giving the food abnormal smell, flavour or color. They should not react with substances by exceeding the permissible migration levels, or contain carcinogenic, mutagenic or otherwise harmful compounds that can contaminate the product.

Consolidated cooperation between food producers, packagers and suppliers of consumables is very important, particularly with regard to packaging adhesives. Adhesive for packaging food should not only be safe for human health, but should not exceed the permissible level of chemical migration.

These and other problems were discussed on September 18-19, 2018 at the Scientific and Practical Conference, «Packaging industry. Current development trends». The conference was organized by the Information and Analytical Center «Upakovka» in Odessa, where more than 70 specialists gathered from 44 companies.

In their presentations, the contributors focused on specific technical solutions, the use of which in packaging material production will preserve consumer characteristics of food products and extend their shelf life. At the conference, some reports on the development of the packaging industry in Ukraine were made: Food Products as an Object for Packaging and the Development of Packaging from Glass and Cardboard.

The purpose of participating in the conference for SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) was to discuss the development and implementation of innovative adhesive systems technologies in packaging, ways to sell products efficiently, to exchange of views with participants and establish business contacts.