«Lux-R» Polymer and Resin Based Adhesive

«Lux-R» Polymer and Resin Based Adhesive

Product type

Water-soluble synthetic polymer and resin based adhesive.

Suggested applications:

  • For labelling of paper and cardboard containers.
  • For production of cardboard, convolute containers and containers with complex polymer coating, lamination of construction and finishing materials.
  • For production of printed materials: for gluing of blocks into the cover, backing, cover formation, complex polymer coatings.
  • For cold lamination of cardboard with paper and plastic foils, including those with UV varnish coating, as well as for light industry – production of multilayer coatings and adhesive tapes.

Adhesives of this group may be used both for manual application and application on production line with roller and disc machines.

Product properties:

Non-toxic, non-flammable, adhesive bond withstanding external influences.

Causes no oxidation or damage to rubber and metal parts during operation of the equipment.

Adhesive consumption rate depends on the equipment type and condition, operation temperature.

Note: When used with other kinds of adhesives needs preliminary compatibility check.

Parameter Values
Dynamic viscosity at 20 °С, Pa·s 0.1 - 200
рН value 3.8 - 8.5
Dry matter, % 10 - 65
Operating temperature, °С +15… +35
Storage At temperature of + 5… +30 °С in tightly closed containers
Form Plastic eurocontainers of 10-1000 kg

Cost of «Lux-R» Polymer and Resin Based Adhesives

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