Constant growth and development of Scientific and Production Enterprise “Lux-X” (LLC) became possible with high efficiency of the company’s staff, strict quality control on every production stage, variety of unique adhesive formulations, usage of high quality raw materials.

Quality management system of “Lux-X” is certified in accordance with National Standards of Ukraine ISO 9001:2009 confirming the high reliability of the company and correspondence of the management system to international standards.

Attested production laboratory performs the incoming control of raw materials in conformance to regulatory documents. We developed the procedures of acceptance, storage and transferring of raw materials to production, control procedure and methods. Technologists and quality department controls all technological and quality parameters in process of product manufacture, as well as quality control r41immediately before shipment. All measurements of rheological and adhesive characteristics of the product are made on verified equipment. Reference samples are taken for each production lot and are stored during the whole warranty period. Quality certificates are issued for every lot.

Year-round regulated storage of manufactured products is ensured by modern warehousing facilities equipped with environment control system with temperature and humidity control. Production site is provided with water reserves, alternative power supply, heating, cooling units.

In order to fulfil obligations to the customers and to prevent force-majeure circumstances, we always have raw materials and manufactured products in stock which allows us to ensure continuous operation of the company. Implementation of innovative technologies is the formula of our constant development.