PVAc dispersion

PVAc dispersion


PVAc dispersion is a product characterized by high adhesion to different surfaces; it is resistant to external factors. The adhesive bond in a short time reaches a high level of strength.

Appearance of PVAc dispersion - white liquid, when dries, it becomes a transparent film.

The modified water-soluble adhesive R-2 of the Lux-R line produced by SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) is a complete analog of the plasticized PVAc dispersion. The modified water-soluble adhesive based on polyvinylacetate dispersion, polymerization accelerators, hardeners, stabilizing and preserving additives.

The brands of glues included in the Lux-R group can be used both for the on-line method of applying roller and disc machines, and for manual application.


  • Packaging and Printing Industry production of paper bags, cardboard and winding containers, bonding corrugated boxes.
  • Woodworking and furniture production: bonding of hard and soft wood, plywood, tonguing, assembly gluing.
  • Construction works: bonding linoleum and facing tile, introduction to chalk and cement mortars.
  • Textile industry: bonding foam rubber, leather, fabric and other materials.
  • Manufacturing of paint and varnish products and adhesives.

Advantages of PVAc dispersion

  • Unique adhesive properties - wood, plastic, paper are glued to many surfaces.
  • PVA dispersion is non-toxic and not combustible.
  • Fast setting speed;
  • Durable bonding of surfaces by effective wetting and penetration of the material.
  • For sanitary and hygienic requirements, PVAc dispersion can be used in the manufacture of products for children, food packaging, paper, furniture and other products.

Important to know!

PVAc dispersion is consumed depending on the method of application, materials, way of application and operating temperature. When working with other types of adhesives, it is recommended to pre-test for compatibility.

Dynamic viscosity at 20 °С, Pa·s 40 - 100
рН value 4 ± 1
Solids content, % 51 ± 2
Operating temperature, °С +15… +35
Storage At temperature of + 5… +30 °Сin a tightly closed container
Form of issue: Polymer eurocontainers of 10-1000 kg

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Cost of PVAc dispersion

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