Hot-Melt Bookbinding

Hot-Melt Bookbinding

Bookbinding Hot-Melt must interact well with different kinds of paper, cardboard and covering material as well as possess a sufficient level of adhesiveness.

SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) offers you BeardowAdams BAM™ Bookbinding Hot-Melt, suitable for working with both simple and complex materials, they are elastic and do not cause warpage.

Application of Hot Melt Adhesives in the printing industry allows:

  • to connect elements by means of a glued joint or without binding;
  • to work with flexible or hard binding;
  • to glue directories, magazines, notebooks, books and tear-off blocks;
  • to paste liners with samples of promotional products, etc.

BeardowAdams Hot-melts work with a wide range of paper and binding materials:

  • thin, dense or coated;
  • without wood pulp;
  • Embossed or laminated material;
  • inserts with plastic or metallized surfaces.

Synthetic polymer based hot-melts are an ideal solution for the printing business. Hot-melt adhesives have high adhesion and stickiness with different types of paper, ensuring a firm and accurate material affixing.


  • maintains clean production equipment;
  • high tack and adhesion;
  • work stability;
  • universal performance;
  • does not contain dangerous components or impurities;
  • light, resinous smell;
  • transparent to amber in color;
  • does not harm equipment during the operating process.

Additional information

BeardowAdams Bookbinding Hot-Melt has a number of properties that ensure its effective use, namely:

  • solvent resistance;
  • high page fastening strength;
  • can be used at low temperatures;
  • compatible with different types of raw paper materials;
  • quick drying and easy application;
  • compliant with international standards.

BAM™ Hot melt from the official distributor SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) will help you quickly and efficiently work with different types of materials and you will be able to apply our product in different types of production.

Parameter Range
Viscosity (Brookfield) at 140°С, сPs 1550 - 6500
Operating temperature, °С 140 - 180
Application method glue shaft
Shelf life 36 months
Form of issue: granules, plates

Bookbinding Hot-Melt Delivery

You can order the delivery of our products throughout Ukraine. Free delivery is available when ordering over 30 kg.

To buy Bookbinding Hot-Melt

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Frequently Asked Questions

What it is the minimal purchase volume? Can a product be bought by retail?

We are a wholesale-and-production company. But for your convenience, we process orders for adhesives starting from 10 kg.

How quick is delivery of a product?

A product is delivered to a Buyer within five days from the instance of receiving an order from the Buyer.

Is there delivery in Ukraine?

A product is delivered across the entire territory of Ukraine. Delivery can be included in the cost of the goods or paid by the Customer upon receipt in accordance with the tariffs of the carriers' service.

Do the products have a guarantee and certificates?

Lux-X LLC is certified to DSTU ISO 9001:2015 and has all the approval documentation for producing commercial adhesives. The quality guarantee is confirmed by quality certificates for each lot of produced and sold products, and by safety and health certificates.