Hot-Melt Bookbinding

Hot-Melt Bookbinding

Bookbinding Hot-Melt must interact well with different kinds of paper, cardboard, covering material and possess sufficient level of stickiness.

SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) offers you Bookbinding Hot-Melt of BeardowAdams BAM™ suitable for working with simple and complex materials, they are elastic and do not cause warpage.

Application of Hot Melt Adhesives in the printing industry allows:

  • to connect the elements by means of glued joint or without binding;
  • to work with flexible or hard binding;
  • to glue directories, magazines, notebooks, books, tear-off blocks;
  • to paste liners with samples of promotional products, etc.

BeardowAdams Hot-melts provide work with a wide range of paper and binding materials:

  • thin, dense or coated;
  • without wood pulp;
  • Embossed or laminated material;
  • inserts with plastic or metallized surfaces.

Hot-melts based on synthetic polymer are an ideal solution for the printing business. Hot-melt adhesives have high adhesion and stickiness to different types of paper, ensuring a firm and accurate fixation of materials.


  • cleanliness when working on equipment;
  • high tack and adhesion;
  • stability in work;
  • universality of performance;
  • does not contain dangerous components and impurities;
  • light, resinous smell;
  • color - from transparent to amber;
  • in the process of operation does not spoil the details of equipment.

Additional information

BeardowAdams Bookbinding Hot-Melt has a number of properties that ensure its effective use, namely:

  • resistance to solvents;
  • high strength of fastening pages;
  • possibility of using at low temperatures;
  • compatibility with different types of paper raw materials;
  • quick drying and easy application;
  • compliance with international standards.

BAM™ Hot melt from the official distributor SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) will help you quickly and efficiently work with different types of materials and apply our product to different types of production.

Parameter Range
Viscosity (Brookfield) at 140°С, сPs 1550 - 6500
Operating temperature, °С 140 - 180
Application method glue shaft
Shelf life 36 months
Form of issue: granules, plates

Delivery of Bookbinding Hot-Melt

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