Instruction Manual for Hot-Melt Adhesives

When working with hot melts, it is imperative:

  1. to prevent dust or moisture from entering the hot melt;
  2. to keep the glue system clean;
  3. to observe the recommended temperature for the hot melt adhesive;
  4. to reduce the tank temperature during long stops;
  5. to replenish the reservoir regularly to maintain the recommended level;
  6. to ensure that the lid of the tank is closed;
  7. to use personal protective equipment when cleaning equipment;
  8. to not use surfaces that are too cold for bonding;
  9. to never use spilled glue.

Factors affecting the bonding quality:

  • application temperature;
  • temperature and humidity of the materials to be bonded;
  • properties of the materials to be glued;
  • external influences;
  • temperature conditions in the production room.


  • Carry out service maintenance (cleaning of the tank, gluing units, replacement of filters, etc.);
  • Timely replacement of faulty equipment components.

Storage: Store the glue in a cool dry place in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.