Hot melt adhesives application guide

Please follow these instructions when working with hot melt adhesives:

  1. Keep the adhesive free from dust and moisture.
  2. Keep the adhesive application system clean.
  3. Observe recommended temperature.
  4. Reduce tank temperature during long downtime.
  5. Refill the tank systematically maintaining the recommended level.
  6. Make sure the tank lid is kept closed.
  7. Use personal protective equipment when cleaning the system.
  8. Don’t use too cold materials to be bonded.
  9. Never re-use spilled adhesive.

Factors affecting bond quality:

  • application temperature;
  • temperature and humidity of materials to be bonded;
  • characteristics of materials to be bonded;
  • external factors;
  • temperature at production site.

Equipment maintenance:

  • perform maintenance and servicing (cleaning of tank, adhesive application units, replacement of filters etc.);
  • timely replace defective parts.

Storage recommendations: store adhesive in cold dry place according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.



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