Glass Tissue Adhesive

Glass Tissue Adhesive

Paint glass-fiber mat or fiberglass web allows saving energy and time spent on leveling the surfaces of the ceiling and walls during regular repair. The application of glass-fiber mats is becoming increasingly important for finishing and strengthening internal surfaces and removing numerous small flaws.

Glass-fiber mat is an environmentally friendly material made from mineral glass fibers and organic resins. It is a continuous nonwoven fabric, consisting of randomly glued fibers, without a marked pattern and having a great tensile strength.

Glass tissue glue "Lux"

To choose the right adhesive for a glass-fiber mat, you need to pay attention to certain characteristics of the product before buying it:

  • Despite the fact that glass-fiber mat is a light enough material, the glue for its pasting should have very strong adhesion since its function is to withstand the weight of putty and paint applied over the glass-fiber mat.
  • The adhesive must be polymer-based since the starch-based adhesives cannot resist additional moisture contained in the putty over the glass-fiber mat.
  • The adhesive should contain at least 15% of the main substance – polymer, which determines the strength of the joint, moisture resistance and durability of the adhesive joint.

Prices for Glass Tissue Adhesives

Container, kg Price, UAH
1 64,50
5 294,00
10 540,00

In practice, we often encounter that the requirements for application of adhesives for glass-fiber mats cannot always be met during repair work:

  • The temperature in the room is higher or lower than the recommended for gluing;
  • The ready-to-use adhesive is diluted with water at builders' discretion;
  • Cheap putty with a high sand content can be used for filling a glass-fiber mat, while the adhesive load is increased to two times;
  • Builders save time, without waiting for complete drying of surfaces after gluing the glass-fiber mat and start puttying and painting in less than 24 hours.

Therefore, when developing the recipe for the wallpaper glue "Lux" we have laid a certain "margin of safety", and its durability has been tested by many years of experience of use and confirmed by many craftsmen-builders.

Glass tissue glue application rules

  1. Prepare the surfaces to be glued, having cleaned them of dirt and dust. Carry out a "start" filler of surfaces.
  2. Prime surfaces with glue "Lux" in the ratio: 1 part of glue and 2 parts of water.
  3. The special glue for glass-fiber mat should be applied directly to the wall, and not to the adhesive tape.
  4. Lay the linen butt-end, carefully leveling with a spatula.
  5. After gluing the fiberglass, the surface is again primed with the diluted glue.
  6. After complete drying, the surfaces are filled with the finish putty, cleaned with a wire lath and primed with the diluted glue.
  7. The last stage is painting walls or other decoration of surfaces.

Where to buy glue for glass tissue?

You can buy glue for repair work directly from the manufacturer "Lux-X". Our prices for glass-fiber mat glues are available for every buyer. You can find out prices of the wallpaper glue "Lux" directly on the site. The delivery of the presented assortment of goods is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine.