Adhesives for wood and furniture

Adhesives for wood and furniture

PVA adhesives with water resistance class D2, D3 and D4 are the most popular among manufacturers and many experts consider PVA to be the best glue for wood. Glues, such as furniture or carpentry glue, based on polyvinyl acetate are excellent for bonding wood surfaces.


  • After drying, it becomes transparent;
  • Very easy to apply;
  • Flexible adhesive film;
  • High adhesive strength;
  • Universal;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Dries quickly;
  • Has a relatively long shelf life;
  • Low price compared to other adhesives.

Optimal conditions and applications in accordance with water resistance classes of DIN EN 204:

  • D1. Indoor premises, where the temperature only occasionally exceeds 50 ° C for a short time, and the moisture content of the wood does not exceed 15%.
  • D2. Indoor premises with periodic short-term exposure to running or condensed water and/or accidental exposure to high humidity, provided that the moisture content in the wood does not exceed 18%.
  • D3. Indoor premises with frequent short-term exposure to running or condensed water and/or strong exposure to high humidity. External areas are not exposed to weather conditions.
  • D4. Indoor premises with frequent long-term exposure to running or condensed water. External areas are exposed to weather conditions.

Where is industrial adhesive for wood applied?

  • Gluing soft, hard and noble wood;
  • Bonding of carpentry products (windows, doors, etc.);
  • Bonding of floor coverings;
  • Bonding of any species of wood, plywood, MDF, chipboard, fibreboard;
  • Bonding of wooden surfaces used in wet premises: kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

"Lux"adhesives for wooden furniture

  • One-component adhesives based on a modified aqueous dispersion of polyvinyl acetate;
  • Water resistance is an analogue of the D2 and D3 classes;
  • For indoor premises exposed to the short-term effects of running or condensed water and/or long-term exposure to high humidity;
  • For gluing furniture and structures inside the premises, panelling, doors, windows, steps and wood stairs;
  • Water resistance and adhesive joint strength are confirmed by UkrSEPRO certificate;
  • After holding in cold water for 48 hours, and then boiling for 3 hours, the bonded parts have an average strength limit of 10.4 MPa, with a minimum allowable 3.2 MPa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What it is the minimal purchase volume? Can a product be bought by retail?

We are a wholesale-and-production company. But for your convenience, we process orders for adhesives starting from 10 kg.

How quick is delivery of a product?

A product is delivered to a Buyer within five days from the instance of receiving an order from the Buyer.

Is there delivery in Ukraine?

A product is delivered across the entire territory of Ukraine. Delivery can be included in the cost of the goods or paid by the Customer upon receipt in accordance with the tariffs of the carriers' service.

Do the products have a guarantee and certificates?

Lux-X LLC is certified to DSTU ISO 9001:2015 and has all the approval documentation for producing commercial adhesives. The quality guarantee is confirmed by quality certificates for each lot of produced and sold products, and by safety and health certificates.