Hot-Melt Packaging

Hot-Melt Packaging

Low quality packaging negates all the advantages of your product. The customer wonders what to expect from your product if a box or package comes undone in their hands. Good packaging will strengthen your image and preserve your reputation, so be sure to use high-quality glue in your production!

The key to strong packaging is BeardowAdamsTM Packaging Hot-Melt, which will provide your products with safe transit from your production to your customers’ hands!

Packaging Hot-Melt Application

Your product should be reliably protected during transportation and storage, and BAMTM adhesive is excellent for the following processes:

  • gluing of cardboard boxes;
  • wrapping boxes and products;
  • pallet production;
  • gluing "straws";
  • gluing caps on cardboard drink containers.

With SPE «LUX-X» (LLC), you can buy hot melt adhesives with high tackiness and varying degrees of viscosity. BeardowAdam (BAMTM) is suitable for use on both high-speed and low-speed equipment. Hot melt can be used for boxes, is suitable for gluing straws and caps in the production of beverages on Tetra-Pack equipment (SlimCap, StreamCap, ReCap), for stabilizing pallets, separating ceramic tiles and in many other areas.

Type of product.

"Lux-X" hot-melts are created using a synthetic polymer.


  • colour – ranging from transparent, white and amber;
  • has a self-cleaning effect;
  • high tackiness in the molten state;
  • non-toxic, the adhesive compound is resistant to external factors;
  • does not oxidize or destroy rubber and metal parts of production equipment during operation;
  • adhesive consumption depends on the equipment type and condition, operating temperature, packaging material and surfaces to be bonded. The adhesive joint is resistant to external factors.

Additional information

  • low temperature of glue application;
  • deep freeze
  • heat-resistance;
  • works with complex surfaces;
  • compliance with international standards.

BeardowAdams Packaging Hot-Melt is suitable for use in a variety of areas, provides reliable surface adhesion, is non-toxic and works in a variety of packaging equipment.

BeardowAdams packaging adhesives are supplied under the trademarks of BAM ™, BAMFutura ™, Prodas ™

Parameter Range
Viscosity (Brookfield) at 140°С, сPs 1000-14000
Operation temperature, °С 110-170
Application method nozzles, a glue shaft, a roller
Shelf life 36 months
Form of issue: granules, plates, blocks

Packaging Hot-Melt Adhesive Delivery

You can order the delivery of our products throughout Ukraine. Free delivery when ordering over 20 kg.

Where Can You Buy Packaging Hot-Melt?

To buy English BeardowAdams Packaging Hot-Melts from the official distributor, SPE «LUX-X» (LLC), use the "Order" or "Hot line" buttons and our managers will contact you as soon as possible.