Adhesives for Labelling

Adhesives for Labelling

In any production environment where package or container labelling is necessary the glue quality is important. The adhesive must match not only the equipment peculiarities, but also the surface where it will be applied. A large number of LuxTM water-based adhesives includes labelling adhesives in the production of:

  • strong alcohol: vodka, cognac;
  • wine products;
  • low-alcohol beverages, including beer and cider;
  • non-carbonated and carbonated soft drinks;
  • food products;
  • pharmaceutical and chemical industries products.

Importance of quality labelling.

The price of adhesive for labels in the final product cost is minimal, but its significance is enormous.

The way that the label is glued on the product or packaging on the store’s shelf influences not only product sales but also the image of the entire brand. Product labelling includes not only marking goods, but also providing information to conform with government regulations and helps the consumer to identify the product and merchandise quality. Therefore, the appearance of the label is an important element in the consumer’s product choice from the items on the shelves. A badly pasted, or a label that has peeled off discourages potential buyers and also negatively affects consumer loyalty to the product and brand.

Application of Lux water-based adhesive

Water-based adhesives must be selected according to the conditions of use, type of equipment and the material from which the label is made. An adhesive group is used depending on the types of packaging: polymer, glass, tin, paper or cardboard.