PVAc "LUX" L-D3 Adhesive

During production of different products is it important to use qualitative adhesive materials, which are able to provide reliable bonding of surfaces and guarantee their long-lasting exploitation. “Lux-X” company presents self-engineered products – PVAc “Lux” L-D3 adhesive.

This adhesive as well as all modifications of water resistant PVAc “Lux” line are produced on the basis of polyvinyl acetate with adding of components providing water resistant properties for bonded products and is safe for human health.

Adhesive line corresponds to NSU BV.2.6-170:2011, D3 water resistant analogue.

PVAC "Lux" L-D3 adhesive is applied:

  • in woodworking industry and during bonding of different materials;
  • in furniture production for bonding of its different elements;
  • during boding of wood laminate, fireboard, MDF, plywood and other materials.

PVAc “Lux” L-D3 characteristics

PVAc “Lux” L-D3 is applied for bonding of smooth wooden surfaces and for bonding of different carving wood and blocks with finger joint. It is used for interior items production, flooring, which further will be located indoors.

Products which are bonded with PVAc “Lux” L-D3 is resistant to long-term exposure of moisture, short-term exposure of flowing water or short-term impact of accumulated water on glued products.

PVAc “Lux” L-D3 is applied for application-line method, is suitable for application by roller and disk machines. Is intended for usage in presses of hot and cold pressing as well as manual application.

PVAc “Lux” L-D3 adhesive by its appearance is white liquid, which becomes transparent and invisible in tape joints. Adhesive is produced in polymer containers when drying in volume of 20 kg.

During purchase of TM “Lux” adhesives our specialists guarantee obtaining of technologic and informational support, in consultations about the usage of adhesive products or on-site consultants for testing. Free delivery of all presented products assortment is available from 30 kg on the territory of Ukraine.

For detailed consultation with our managers you can call the hotline number (057) 719-06-36 or leave questions of interest for you in the form of feedback. 

Parameter Indicators
Viscosity (Rheotest, Z1, 2b, 20 °С), Pa*s 80 - 100
рН value 4 ± 1
Mass fraction of dry residue, % 51 ± 2
Time of open exposure, min 3 - 8
Expenditure, g/м2 90 - 180
Operation temperature, °С +15… +35
Storage At the temperature from + 5… +30 °С in a tightly closed container
Production form Polymer euro containers from 20 to 1000 kg