Wallpaper Adhesives

Wallpaper Adhesives

Lux-X offers its customers wallpaper adhesive – a multi-purpose adhesive suitable for all types of wall coatings. It helps choose the right composition for a particular finishing, besides, our adhesive is the best solution, if your renovation requires different types of wallpaper. It consists of high-quality components that provide high level of adhesion. Our multi-purpose wallpaper adhesive, able to hold heavy ceiling or wall coatings, is firm and reliable, so the finishing will not peel off during the entire period of use.

Specific features and properties of the wallpaper adhesive

We offer a ready-made polymer-based wallpaper adhesive, so before its applying you will not need to perform some extra manipulations with it. There are high-quality stabilizers in its composition, as well as antifungal agents, due to which the adhesive acts as one of the factors protecting the room from mold.

We offer wallpaper adhesive that is suitable for different types of finishing materials:

Regardless of the coating applied, the bond line will be reliable and strong, and your renovation will be high-quality and durable (provided you follow all the recommendations for using wallpaper adhesive).

The Lux wallpaper adhesive is a white viscous liquid. The adhesive film becomes colourless after application and drying, which provides that your renovation looks nice and neat. Even if some drops of adhesive happen to smear the external surface, there will be not a slightest trace of it left after drying.

How much does wallpaper adhesive cost?

We sell our adhesives in plastic containers of different capacity. Check for the prices for our adhesives in the table below.



1 kg

UAH 85

5 kg

UAH 382

10 kg

UAH 702

The larger the container, the lower the price of wallpaper adhesive per kilogram, so you should take this into account when placing your order.

You should also keep in mind that we sell wallpaper adhesive in bulk, with a minimum batch making up 10 kg, regardless of the container's capacity (it may be one large container or ten containers 1 kg each).

Why do people prefer to buy Lux wallpaper adhesive?

Among the main advantages of our adhesive are:

  • fire safety, as our adhesive doesn't support combustion;
  • eco-friendliness, as our wallpaper adhesive is made of high-quality purified components, with no elements harmful to the environment in its composition;
  • health safety, as our multi-purpose wallpaper adhesive is non-toxic, it does not emit a pungent odour, so you may apply it without the mandatory use of individual protective equipment, proper ventilation of the room would be enough;
  • moisture resistance – although Lux adhesive belongs to the group of water-soluble wallpaper adhesives, it is resistant to the impact of moisture even after drying up, therefore it can be used in finishing rooms with a high level of humidity (for example, bathrooms, kitchens, and so on);
  • high adhesion – due to the proven formulation, our wallpaper adhesive is able to firmly hold heavy finishing materials on the surface.

Besides, the Lux wallpaper adhesive retains all its properties even after five freezing cycles, which confirms its highest quality.

Preparations before pasting wallpaper

Before applying adhesive on all types of wallpaper, it is necessary to prepare the surface properly:

  1. remove the old coating (if the wall is painted, use a brush with metal bristles to peel it off);
  2. remove any defects – level out and smooth the walls, seal the cracks with putty;
  3. thoroughly clean and dry the surface of the wall;
  4. make a primer – to do this, prepare a solution of adhesive and water in a 1:2 ratio (mind to add water to the adhesive, not vice versa, and pour it gradually while mixing the composition up all the way).

Keep in mind that environmental conditions significantly affect the time required for the wallpaper adhesive to harden, and its properties. The room temperature should be in the range from +10 to +30°C, and the humidity should not exceed 70%.

Specific aspects of pasting non-woven wallpaper, fiberglass surface tissue mats and fiberglass

If your opt for these finishing materials, the wallpaper adhesive, which you can buy on our website, should be applied not on the wallpaper strip, but directly on the surface of the wall or ceiling.

After you have prepared the surface, mix up the adhesive in the container and apply it to the surface in a dense even layer. For this purpose it is advisable to use a notched trowel or a regular roller. Then take the strip of your finishing material, attach it to the wall and smooth it out towards the edges, starting from the middle. If there are some bumps, you may remove the material, repeatedly apply the adhesive and press the strip to the surface once again – you have about 20 minutes to adjust it.

It takes 24 hours for the adhesive to dry up completely, and during this time it is advisable to ensure that the wallpaper is protected from ultraviolet light and draughts. After that, you can start painting or do whatever you have planned in your renovation.

You may use our Lux adhesive not only for pasting new wallpaper, but also for pasting up unstuck old wallpaper pieces. For minor repairs, a container of 1 kg would be enough.

How to use the adhesive for pasting textile or vinyl wallpaper?

Brief instructions:

  • dilute the adhesive with water by 10% and mix thoroughly (this is just a recommendation, you may not dilute the adhesive at all);
  • prepare the strips of required length and apply the adhesive, using a roller;
  • let the adhesive soak in the finishing material for about 5 minutes.

The next steps hinge directly on the type of coating your have chosen, so please carefully read the instructions before pasting the wallpaper.

How to order high-quality wallpaper adhesive?

First tip: always take into account what type of coating the adhesive is intended for. If you choose the inappropriate composition, it will not work with your wallpaper, and you will have to redo your renovation. For example, fiberglass requires very high level of adhesion, so such an adhesive should contain about 15% polymer. Multi-purpose ready-made wallpaper adhesive is able to solve the problem, as it provides excellent durability regardless of the type of coating. Besides, you should take into account the physical and technical properties of our products, and they are as follows:

  • viscosity is 180-200 Pa•s ;
  • pH is 6±1;
  • dry residue is 14% (error rate ± 2%);
  • the time of primary drying makes up 3 hours, full drying up takes up a day;
  • consumption is 180-250 g/sq.m;
  • shelf life is 2 years provided it is stored in a tightly closed and sealed container at a temperature of +5 to +30°C.

How to buy wallpaper adhesive in Ukraine?

You may place your wholesale order to buy the Lux-X wallpaper adhesive. To do this, please fill out the online form on our website or call us at the phone number indicated on the page. Our manager will advise you, answer all your questions and accept your request. We have our products delivered by transportation companies in all cities of Ukraine. If you buy large volumes of wallpaper adhesive, the cost is reduced, as discounts apply for large wholesale orders. Payment for orders is made by bank transfer. Please send us your company's details by email, so that we can generate an invoice. Our specialists will process your order as quick as possible, and we guarantee you the highest quality of our products supported by the appropriate certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What it is the minimal purchase volume? Can a product be bought by retail?

We are a wholesale-and-production company. But for your convenience, we process orders for adhesives starting from 10 kg.

How quick is delivery of a product?

A product is delivered to a Buyer within five days from the instance of receiving an order from the Buyer.

Is there delivery in Ukraine?

A product is delivered across the entire territory of Ukraine. Delivery can be included in the cost of the goods or paid by the Customer upon receipt in accordance with the tariffs of the carriers' service.

Do the products have a guarantee and certificates?

Lux-X LLC is certified to DSTU ISO 9001:2015 and has all the approval documentation for producing commercial adhesives. The quality guarantee is confirmed by quality certificates for each lot of produced and sold products, and by safety and health certificates.