Wallpaper Adhesives

Wallpaper Adhesives

An important indicator of wallpaper quality adhesive is high adhesion, which allows you to quickly affix and hold any type of wallpaper to the wall throughout the life of the product. Thus, wallpaper adhesive, although not visible, plays an important role in the design of any room, ensuring the quality and durability of the decor. Also, wallpaper adhesive must be environmentally friendly and safe for use in the home. "Lux" wallpaper adhesive has all of these properties.

Wallpaper adhesive is used with all types of wallpaper and wall coverings:

  • Wall-paper;
  • Glass-fibre mat;
  • Vinyl, non-woven, textile and other wallpaper.

"Lux" wallpaper adhesive is a ready-to-use, water-soluble polymer adhesive. It contains stabilizing, antifungal and anti-mold additives. Due to its moisture resistance, it can be used as an adhesive for gluing wallpaper, fiberglass and glass wool in rooms with high humidity.

Advantages of "Lux" wallpaper adhesive

  • Wallpaper adhesive is non-toxic;
  • Excellent moisture resistance;
  • High adhesive capacity;
  • Effective antifungal protection.


  • White viscous liquid, the glue film is colourless;
  • Fireproof, non-toxic, safe for home use;
  • It is allowed to freeze, and can withstand 5 freezing cycles.

Prices for wallpaper glue "Lux"

Container, kg Price, UAH
1 66,36
5 300,12
10 552,30

Application Instructions

The surface of the wall must be dry, clean and firm. Cracks should be plastered. Surfaces painted with glossy paint must be prepared with a metal brush. Absorbent surfaces should be primed with adhesive diluted with water in a ratio of 1 part adhesive to 2 parts of water (add water to the glue in small portions with stirring). Relative air humidity in the room should not be more than 70%, the air temperature in the room between +10° С to +30° С. Do not allow drafts when hanging the wallpaper.

How to glue fibre glass and non-woven wallpaper?

Stir the adhesive before use. Apply the adhesive to the surface of the wall in an even layer using a roller or a serrated spatula, then firmly press the fiberglass cloth immediately after applying adhesive to the wall and smooth with a spatula from the middle of the piece to its edge. The adhesive does not need to be applied to fiber glass wallpaper. The wallpaper can be adjusted for 15-20 minutes after hanging. Fresh glue can be removed with a damp cloth or sponge. Do not allow direct sunlight to hit the surface of the wallpaper during the glue’s drying period. Painting the wallpaper should be carried out no sooner than 24 hours after it has been hung.

Vinyl and Textile Wallpaper

Before use, the adhesive can be 10% diluted with water and mixed. The adhesive should be applied with a roller on the back of the wallpaper and leave to soak for 5 minutes. Follow the instructions given by the wallpaper manufacturer.

Viscosity (Rheotest, Z1, 2b, 20 °С), Pa*c 180 - 200
pH value 6 ± 1
Mass fraction of solid residue, %: 14 ± 2
Drying time 3 hours under normal conditions
Consumption, g / m2 180 - 250
Storage 2 years at a temperature of +5 ... +30 °C in a tightly closed container
Form of issue: Polymer eurocontainers 1; 5; 10; 30 kg.

How to buy "Lux" wallpaper adhesive?

You can get the best price for "Lux" wallpaper adhesive and order it in the required quantity on our website. Company specialists are ready to provide expert consultation., There is a flexible discount system and fast, free delivery within Ukraine for orders in commercial quantities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What it is the minimal purchase volume? Can a product be bought by retail?

We are a wholesale-and-production company. But for your convenience, we process orders for adhesives starting from 10 kg.

How quick is delivery of a product?

A product is delivered to a Buyer within five days from the instance of receiving an order from the Buyer.

Is there delivery in Ukraine?

A product is delivered across the entire territory of Ukraine. With orders in commercial volumes of cold water-based ТМ Lux adhesives and hot melt ТМ ВАМ adhesives, delivery is free-ofcharge. With smaller order volumes, delivery is paid according to carrier service rates..

Do the products have a guarantee and certificates?

Lux-X LLC is certified to DSTU ISO 9001:2015 and has all the approval documentation for producing commercial adhesives. The quality guarantee is confirmed by quality certificates for each lot of produced and sold products, and by safety and health certificates.