Glass Fibre Wallpaper Adhesive

Glass Fibre Wallpaper Adhesive

In the context of finishing materials, fiberglass wallpaper has recently become increasingly popular. This is a fiberglass wall coating having well-defined texture, impregnated with a special substance. After you have pasted it, it is advisable to paint its surface with water-based or latex paint to make the design complete. To properly paste the coating like this, we offer our special fiberglass wallpaper adhesive you may order on our website.

Main advantages of fiberglass wallpaper

Many people opt for it due to the following properties:

  • long service life – this wallpaper is able to keep its initial condition for several decades, 30 years on average;
  • fire safety – this material does not support combustion even when exposed to open fire;
  • eco-friendliness – there are no toxic components in its composition that could harm the health of people or the environment;
  • moisture resistance – you may paste this wallpaper even in your bathroom and kitchen, where the humidity level is always high;
  • durability – the material is able to carry mechanical loads, therefore you may apply even several coats of paint over it;
  • resistance to microorganisms and rot.

If you are going to use fiberglass wallpaper to decorate your space, you will need a special adhesive to ensure high-quality adhesion, and a long-lasting result of pasting. Our company produces ready-to-use Lux adhesive with a reliable formula, which is easy to work with.

Lux fiberglass wallpaper adhesive, its specific features and advantages

We produce high-quality adhesive providing reliable results and able to carry considerable coating loads. Its main advantages are:

  • hypoallergenicity and safety – there are no toxic components in its composition, so the fiberglass wallpaper adhesive is safe for people and animals, it may not cause health problems, and you can use it without PPE;
  • mold-resistance due to the special agents in its composition;
  • quick drying – in as early as two hours, the wallpaper will be firmly fixed on the surface;
  • it does not lose its properties during several freezing cycles, which is important when buying large quantities and storing them in non-heated warehouses;
  • easy adjustment – if you happen to fail when pasting the strip on the surface, you have 15-20 minutes to correct the situation.

We sell our adhesives in plastic containers that are convenient for transportation and storage, with capacity available as follows:

  • 1 kg;
  • 5 kg;
  • 10 kg.

How to use ready-made fiberglass wallpaper adhesive?

Before applying it, make sure that normal conditions are provided: the permissible air temperature range should be from +10 to +30°C, and humidity should not exceed 70%; this is necessary for the adhesive to retain all its properties. Besides, there should be no draughts and exposure to direct sunlight in the room where the renovation is taking place while the wallpaper dries up.

Brief instructions:

  1. Level out, smooth and dry the surface thoroughly, remove all overlays and other items that may hamper you.
  2. Prepare a primer solution (adhesive diluted with water in a 1:2 ratio), apply it and let the surface dry up, while cutting out strips of fiberglass wallpaper of required length.
  3. Apply a dense layer of the adhesive to the surface, using a broad brush or roller, with its width corresponding to the dimensions of a fiberglass wallpaper strip.
  4. Apply the finishing material to the surface, press it down and smooth it out starting from the middle, using a spatula or brush. If you need to adjust the wallpaper, remove the strip, repeatedly apply the adhesive and paste the wallpaper strip once again.

In two hours, the adhesive will have its primary setting, and in 24 hours you may proceed further with your decoration. To reduce paint consumption, it is advisable to first prime the wallpaper on the outside. To do this, you need to dilute the fiberglass wallpaper adhesive with water by 10% and apply it to the surface. In a day, you can start painting the surface with the selected composition. After completing the work, do not forget to thoroughly rinse the tools with warm water.

The price for fiberglass wallpaper adhesive

Weight in the container, kg

Price, UAH







Please note that our company works with wholesale customers only, and 10 kg is a minimum order.

How to buy fiberglass wallpaper adhesive?

To place your order, please send the online request to Lux-X managers with your contact details indicated. We will call you back as soon as possible to discuss the capacity required and delivery time, as well as other cooperation details. We have our adhesives delivered by a transportation company to all localities of Ukraine. You may transfer your payment to our bank account – please contact our managers for more details. We process orders as quick as possible and have the adhesive sent to our delivery service. If you have any questions, please call us or send a letter to our email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

What it is the minimal purchase volume? Can a product be bought by retail?

We are a wholesale-and-production company. But for your convenience, we process orders for adhesives starting from 10 kg.

How quick is delivery of a product?

A product is delivered to a Buyer within five days from the instance of receiving an order from the Buyer.

Is there delivery in Ukraine?

A product is delivered across the entire territory of Ukraine. Delivery can be included in the cost of the goods or paid by the Customer upon receipt in accordance with the tariffs of the carriers' service.

Do the products have a guarantee and certificates?

Lux-X LLC is certified to DSTU ISO 9001:2015 and has all the approval documentation for producing commercial adhesives. The quality guarantee is confirmed by quality certificates for each lot of produced and sold products, and by safety and health certificates.