Product Assembly Hot Melt

Product Assembly Hot Melt

Beardow & Adams (Adhesives) Ltd. (UK, est. in 1977) is the largest European hot melt producer with production volume of about 50 000 tons per year. Over 10 000 customers all over the world trust Beardow Adams since the company offers only proven solutions for labelling, packaging, woodworking, product assembly and bookbinding.


  • household goods;
  • cars;
  • telecommunication cables;
  • furniture and upholstery;
  • mattresses;
  • filters;
  • lighting equipment.

Beardow Adams manufactures hot melts for plastics, metals, composite materials, glass, various textiles and many other materials for production of mattresses, automobile air filters, cables, insulation, assembly of different products, including accumulators, construction industry for production of panels, materials lamination, assembly of construction units, for bonding light and foam materials, for bonding aluminium to fiberglass, for bonding plastics, metals, glass and other materials in various combinations.

Product type. Synthetiс polymer based hot melts.

Product properties:

  • color range from colorless and white to dark amber;
  • adhesion from minimal to very high;
  • open time from short and very long to pressure sensitive adhesives;
  • adhesive consumption rate depends on the equipment type and condition, operation temperature, properties of packaging material and surfaces to be bonded;
  • causes no oxidation or damage to rubber and metal parts during operation of the equipment.
Parameter Range
Viscosity (Brookfield) at 140°С, сPs 600 - 36000
Operation temperature, °С 140 - 190
Application method jet, roller or slot head coaters
Shelf life 36 months
Form pellets, slats, blocks