Adhesives For Printing Industry

Adhesives For Printing Industry

There are several types of adhesives for printing including: adhesive of animal origin, dispersion, hot melt and polyurethane. Dispersion adhesives, or water-based adhesives, including PVAc-based adhesives, are the most common among manufacturers of printed products. SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) offers adhesives for high quality printing with delivery to the customer's warehouse.

Adhesive for printing and its use

In the production of printed products, one should not underestimate the role of sizing the manufactured goods, because the quality of the finished product may deteriorate because of poor quality glue. To avoid possible financial losses and produce products of consistently high quality, you must carefully consider the selection of the adhesive to be applied.

For the production of books, brochures or magazines, the most popular binding is with the help of glue.

With the development of technologies, the requirements for printed products increase and, at the same time, the requirements to the quality of sizing and reliability of fastening paper blocks of different types are growing. The correctly chosen by our technologists LuxTM adhesives for the polygraphy will perform any tasks you set, among which are the following: gluing the block into the cover, forming a cover, laminating or paper pasting, using materials with a complex polymer coating.

To buy Lux™ adhesive

SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) produces high-quality products and offers an additional service for its customers:

  • consultation of highly qualified specialists in the proper selection of glue, depending on the equipment used and the materials to be bonded;
  • free delivery of goods throughout Ukraine.
  • an opportunity to order glue for printing through the company's website or by phone.

An important aspect for manufacturers of printed products is the price of glue for printing, we want to emphasize that the choice of glue is a strategic factor that can affect the entire circulation of products. Choosing high-quality LuxTM adhesive, you choose a high quality at an affordable price.

Recommended types of adhesives for printing

SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) recommends its customers to select glue for printing, relying on the recommendations of our experts. When selecting the necessary glue, the tasks of your production, the features of the technological equipment used, the materials and the conditions of use are taken into account. We recommend the use of adhesives for printing of the following groups.