Potential problems with hot melt adhesive bonding

Possible cause Solution
Label comes unstuck.
Too little adhesive applied. Increase the amount of applied adhesive Check the adhesive pump feed rate, increase the number of cycles per minute if needed.
Poor contact of adhesive with the paper surface. A dry adhesive film is formed on the label back. Bottle surface is not sufficiently cleansed. Adhesive contains impurities.
Significant wear of glue palette. Replace or repair worn parts.
Pressing mechanism not adjusted. Make the necessary adjustments.
Label or bottle collar edges come unstuck.
No adhesive on label edges. Check if the whole label is covered with even layer of adhesive. Adjust the labeling machine.
Wrong positioning of the label. Make the necessary adjustments.
Pressing mechanisms not adjusted. Make the necessary adjustments. Ensure optimal settings of water feed to pressing mechanisms.
Glue palette being smaller than the label. Check the shape of adhesive layer on the label back. Choose the glue palette of the right size.
Glue palette is not completely covered with adhesive. Check adhesive feed from the roller onto the palette. Adjust or replace the glue palette if needed.
Ready labels have wrong fibre direction. Contact label manufacturer.
Wear of adhesive roller. Replace or repair worn parts.
Bottle neck surface does not match the shape of the bottle collar label. Check to make sure the bottle collar label shape matches the bottle neck.
Adhesive is hard to pump.
Low temperature of adhesive. Warm the adhesive up to reach the operation temperature in accordance with technical characteristics.
Adhesive is mixed with adhesive of a different brand. Clean the equipment thoroughly. Replace the adhesive tank.
Low viscosity of adhesive. Use higher viscosity adhesive.
Adhesive splashing and stringing.
Too much adhesive applied. Reduce consumption.
Adhesive roller, glue palettes are damaged. Replace or repair roller, glue palettes.
Adhesive traces on the bottle. Bottles/labels stick to each other after labeling.
Adhesive washed off with condensate. Reduce the adhesive layer thickness. Ensure additional blow-off preceding labeling.
Wrong adjustments of labeling machine. Make the necessary adjustments.
‘Floating’ labels.
Adhesive layer too thick. Reduce thickness of adhesive layer.
Bottle too wet. Ensure additional blow-off preceding labeling.
Labels easily torn at the clamp grip.
High tack adhesive. Contact adhesive supplier.
Low strength of wet labels. Use labels made of stronger paper.
Wrong position of the clamp. Make the necessary adjustments.
More than one label taken out of label magazine.
Labels stuck together due to insufficient mold drying time. Unfold the stack of labels in order to separate them from each other before putting into the magazine.
Adhesive splashing. Check the possibility of reducing the amount of applied adhesive.
Stoppers of the label magazine not adjusted. Adjust grip and pressure in the magazine.
Labels do not come out of the magazine.
Lack of adhesive tack. Contact adhesive supplier.
Stoppers of the label magazine not adjusted. Adjust grip and pressure in the magazine.



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