Quality Service

Equipment Maintenance Services.

SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) provides servicing glutinous systems and ensures prompt preventive measures by highly qualified technical specialists with a visit to the customer's enterprise throughout Ukraine.

We provide:

  • technical audit of the equipment;
  • repair work on the identified faults;
  • cleaning of glutinous tanks, systems of giving and applying glue;
  • regular maintenance of hot melt stations, including the replacement of main tank filters, outdoor filters, etc.

Recommendations for practical application of adhesive systems:

  • ready-made and individual solutions how to use adhesive technologies;
  • glue selection under certain conditions with the subsequent launch on the customer's line;
  • setting up and launching the equipment for specific conditions and tasks;
  • selection of optimal temperature conditions in accordance with production conditions;
  • recommendations for applications of glues and equipment.

Experts of SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) are always ready to provide advice on maintenance of the adhesive equipment and solution of problems of your production. For consultation, you can call the hotline at our company or contact us via the "Send Request" form.