Types of wood glue. Principles of the right choice

Not only ordinary people but professionals often arise a question: which wood glue is best suited for efficient bonding of substrates? To find out what types of glue with their basic characteristics and properties exist, we have prepared this article.


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Vinyl and non-woven wallpaper: application rules of glue

A big number of diverse materials for interior and exterior decoration of premises appear on the shelves of building centers every year, meanwhile, an assortment of construction materials for repair work has been rapidly increasing.


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Storing «Lux» adhesives in winter time

Dear customers, Scientific and production enterprise “Lux-X” LLC, the largest producer and supplier of industrial adhesives in Ukraine, would like you to pay attention to storage, transportation, handling, application conditions in cold weather. In winter time dispersion adhesives can be delivered only by specially equipped transport, that's why we are asking you to place the orders for shipment of adhesives in advance.


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Scientific and Production Enterprise «Lux-X» (LLC) – 20 years on the way to success!

Industrial glues manufacturing plant “Lux-X” was founded on October 02, 1997. The 20th anniversary, above all, shows the stability and reliability of our Company. Today, after 20 years of unprecedented success, our Company has a unique opportunity to develop high-quality adhesives that meet any demands of our customers providing an exceptional service.


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