Scientific and Production Enterprise “Lux-X” (LLC) – 20 years on the way to success!

Industrial glues manufacturing plant “Lux-X” was founded on October 02, 1997. The 20th anniversary, above all, shows the stability and reliability of our Company. Today, after 20 years of unprecedented success, our Company has a unique opportunity to develop high-quality adhesives that meet any demands of our customers providing an exceptional service.


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“Lux-X” took part in Applied Research Conference “Packaging Industry”

It is well known that the third part of food products in the world spoil and then utilized. Out of 4 billion tons of food products produced in the world (548 kg per person), 1.3 billion tons worth over 1 trillion USD get spoiled and utilized, therefore, not reaching the table of 7.3 billion people across the world.


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MASS Media about «Lux-Х»Company

Magazine «Upakovka» cooperates with the specialists of RPE “Lux-X” in different form for many years. The director of the “Upakovka” magazine, candidate of technical sciences Veronika Halaji has been to the «Lux-Х» company and visited workshops, laboratories and enterprise sections having a dip into the professional everyday life. Seen and heard is reflected in the article which you can read by following the link “read more”.


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“Lux-X” Company launched a new corporate WEB site

«Lux-Х» Company Restarted website having updated the design, as well as provided a brand new approach to the information delivery. Thus, due to careful information segmentation the clients will be able to find necessary adhesive group or adhesive usage recommendation very simple and fast.


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