Hot-Melt Adhesive Cleaner

Hot-Melt Adhesive Cleaner

In order to achieve maximum effect when working with glues, it is worth using the special BeardowAdams cleaners, which wash the system under pressure, including applicators. This cleaner helps to remove deposits and carbon (burnt adhesive).

Where applicable

  • for internal and external cleaning of hot melt adhesive application systems, including prior to changing the glue type in the system;
  • to remove deposits of hot melt adhesives and gels, as well as to remove deposits in tanks and hoses.

Type of product

Equipment cleaners


  • maximum qualitative cleaning;
  • applicable for areas that are severely burned;
  • simplifies manual cleaning;
  • low evaporation level;
  • transparent.


Keep in the original container with the lid tightly closed.

Additional information

  • the product meets all international standards;
  • annual application is the most effective;
  • cleaning the system thoroughly prevents clogging that can occur when the deposit is removed, but not withdrawn from the system.

To buy equipment cleaners

To buy BeardowAdams hot-melt adhesive cleaners from the official distributor - SPE «LUX-X» (LLC) - use the "Order" or "Hot line" button and our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

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