What kind of adhesive to use for gluing fabrics?

  1. What kind of adhesive is suitable for a fabric?
  2. Technical properties of PVAC LUX-Х adhesive
  3. Properties of Lux adhesives when working with fabrics
  4. LUX-M brand appret for improving fabric properties
  5. Why is it worth choosing an SPE LUX-X LLC adhesive for fabrics?

The demand for textile industry products is increasing from year to year. In this skilled trade, it is essential that the products be neat, have an aesthetic appearance, and hold their shape and color after each washing. Hence, it is difficult to do without an adhesive in textile production because not all materials can be joined using a thread and needle.

Since product quality depends on the choice of an adhesive, and hence, affects the manufacturer’s standing,the following issue is relevant: what kind of adhesive is best to choose for a fabric? The best one would be a quality adhesive for a fabric that joins surfaces fastand ensures neat and reliable gluing of materials.

What kind of adhesive is suitable for a fabric?

The textile industry uses different materials for creating applique patterns on fabrics or leather when manufacturing clothing, footwear, and clothing accessories. Such materials are as follows: rhinestones, paillettes, beads, and other kinds of trimming. The choice of an adhesive for applique patterns, as well as for gluing fabrics together depends on what kind of material mentioned is used. LUX-Х LLC offers the following kinds of adhesives that ensure strong adhesion of glued surfaces:

  • PVAC Lux-Х adhesive
  • PVAC dispersion
  • Textile adhesive
  • Finishing agents for fabrics – apprets

PVAC is used widely in industry and for domestic purposes. Little wonder thatone of the areas of application of this product is the textile industry because PVAC adhesive has unique properties!

Technical properties of PVAC LUX-Х adhesive

  • A white viscous fluid that creates a translucent adhesive film when it has setted completely.
  • Top-notch adhesive properties.
  • The adhesive binding is resistant to the action of external factors.
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and therefore safe for the environment and human health.
  • PVAC warranty shelf life – one year fromthe date of production.

Apart from PVAC adhesives, SPE LUX-Х LLC also offers PVAC dispersion. This product has properties close to those of PVAC adhesives, though it is distinguished by the following:

  • Unique adhesion to many materials.
  • Quick setting and, following complete setting, its appearance is that of a translucent film.
  • Glues materials strongly due to better penetration into the fabric.
  • Non-toxic and safe for human health.
  • Used for both manual and mechanized applications.

But the most suitable adhesive, which is better for gluing fabrics, is a special-purpose textile adhesive.

The adhesive for fabrics made by SPE LUX-Х LLC can be used for gluing together two materials or fabric to another backing. These adhesives are a ready-to-use product.

Properties of Lux adhesives when working with fabrics

  • Create elastic, transparent, high-strength glued seams. They do not bloom to the surface and turn yellow!
  • Extraordinary adhesionto different textile materials.
  • Contain a high concentration of the basic substance.
  • Contain no toxic filling compounds.
  • The adhesive bond is resistant to the action of external factors.

To make working with fabrics easier and to impart additional properties to the materials that improve product appearance, textile industry personnel use apprets.

LUX-M brand appret for improving fabric properties

The appret produced by LUX-X LLC is an adhesive composition used as a binder when nonwoven materials are made. It is also used as a priming coat in imitation fur forsecuring the pile.

Appret imparts additional properties to textile materials:

  • Crumpling resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Water repellency
  • Tearing resistance and durability
  • Antistatic properties.

SPE LUX-X LLC takes into account clients’ wishes and interests and produces custom-made apprets featuring water repellency, fire resistance, and other properties.

Why is it worth choosing an SPE LUX-X LLC adhesive for fabrics?

The proper choice of an adhesive has an impact on not only the aesthetic appearance of a finished product but also on how fast and straightforward the production process will be.

SPE LUX-X LLC adhesives are environmentally friendly and safe for the environment because they are produced in compliance with International Quality Standards ISO 9001:2015.

To achieve an effective result, SPE LUX-X LLC offers professional advice on application of adhesives and assistance of specialists for testing commercial adhesives at an enterprise.

An adhesive can be purchased directly from SPE LUX-X LLC at optimal prices. An order for an adhesive can be placed by telephones indicated on the company’s website or by the feedback button.

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