Adhesives for various applications

  1. Types of Lux-X adhesives
  2. Advantages of "Lux" adhesives

Lux-X is a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer of water-soluble industrial adhesives and distributor of BeardowAdams hotmelt adhesives. The highly structured and meticulously organized operation has used modern equipment and the work of its professionals to propel Lux-X into the leading position among industrial adhesive manufacturers in Ukraine.

Our catalogues provide adhesives for different applications from labeling to woodwork. Cold-applied adhesives for different applications carrying the "Lux" trademark are produced in convenient plastic containers from 20 to 33 kg or 1-ton cube tanks. "BAM" trademark hot melts are packed in 20 kg paper bags or 15 kg boxes.

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Types of Lux-X adhesives

In our company's product line you will find high quality and safe adhesives for various applications, including:

  • Adhesive for the food industry. TThese are cold-applied and hot-melt adhesives of various brands used in the following spheres:

    - paper or cardboard package, box and pallet production;

    - after packaging goods, such as gluing the valves of a cardboard or corrugated box;

    - for tacking labels or excise marks on a glass, tin, paper or PET container.

    Adhesive for the food industry

  • Adhesive to assembly wooden structures. A combination of PVA "Lux" D2 and D3 firmly and reliably bonds together the parts of wood products when manufacturing furniture, doors, windows, stairs, etc.
    Adhesive to assembly wooden structures

  • Adhesive for paper cups. In paper cup production, a thermal adhesive joint or adhesive assembly is used. Cups are glued with the help of specially designed hot-melt adhesives or water-based adhesives with high solidity for these purposes. A special composition of such adhesives preserves the integrity of the glued cups, despite prolonged contact with water and exposure to high temperatures. Most often in paper cup production adhesive is used to glue a corrugated ripple shell to protect hands from burning due to hot beverages and maintain the temperature of the drink.
    Adhesive for paper cups

  • Adhesive for nappies and feminine hygiene products. These products use hot melt adhesives. They are absolutely safe and non-toxic. At the same time, these adhesives guarantee a product high strength. It does not have any side effects or contraindications.Adhesive for nappies and feminine hygiene products

  • Adhesive for spring blocks. In the production of modern orthopaedic mattresses, a group of spring blocks is placed inside the product, which are connected with each other by means of hot melt adhesives.
    Adhesive for spring blocks

  • Adhesive for the automobile industry. Hot melts are used for gluing decorative components, car mirrors, affixing visors, as well as finishing the interior. With the help of a glue gun and hot-melt rods it is convenient to glue weather seals, fenders and other small automotive parts and accessories.
  • Glue for shoe sponge production. Solvent-based adhesives or hot melts are commonly used to connect the plastic lid with the foam rubber pads.
  • Glue for ritual wreaths. Adhesive is used for attaching special tapes, artificial flowers and other decorating accessories for wreaths.
  • Adhesive for souvenir packages. Adhesives are used in factories that make paper or cardboard bags. Hot melt guns and glue sticks are used most often to glue the bottoms of packages. They can also glue longitudinal seams on the bags.
    Adhesive for souvenir packages

If you have any questions about the choice, composition and availability of an adhesive, please contact our managers. Our staff will be happy to help resolve any of your questions.

Advantages of "Lux" adhesives

As you can see for yourself, we offer adhesives for many different applications and purposes. To help you navigate the diversity of our catalogue, our specialists will help you make the correct selection of the desired adhesive brand to accommodate your production equipment, materials to be bonded, and will take your needs into account.

In addition to these advantages, our adhesives for various applications are attractively priced and there are even more favorable terms for purchasing large volumes. We also offer free delivery in Ukraine when ordering at least 30 kg.