Adhesive for manufacturing hygiene products

  1. Why is adhesive needed in making hygiene products?
  2. Which adhesive to use on hygiene products?
  3. Characteristics of Lux-X adhesives
  4. Properties of Lux-R adhesives
  5. Characteristics of TM Beardow Adams hot melt adhesives
  6. Why order adhesives for hygiene products at Lux-X?

Everyday life today is unimaginable without napkins, paper towels and other disposable personal hygiene products. Every year, more than 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used in the U.S. alone. Large amounts of raw materials are used to make paper towels. Some EU countries use fabric instead of paper towels to curb tree-felling and protect the environment.

Fabric used to be the all-purpose hygiene product until an American teacher from Philadelphia taught kids to wipe hands with cut-out pieces of soft notebook paper.

There is a very wide range of personal hygiene products today. Adhesives are used to manufacture various hygiene products.

Why is adhesive needed in making hygiene products?

All hygiene products can be split into two groups:

1. Paper towels, napkins and toilet paper. The basic properties of these products are moisture resistance and strength. A single-layer paper towel becomes soggy when exposed to moisture. Hence, consumers increasingly prefer two-layer, three-layer, or even five-layer roll products. When manufacturing multi-layer paper products, adhesives are used for the following purposes:

  • laminating layers of paper to give the material strength;
  • bonding the end of a roll of toilet paper and towels to the cardboard tube;
  • temporary fixation of the top layer of paper;
  • wrapping the cardboard tube and bonding the toilet paper cover.

2. Hygiene products (diapers, pads). For such products, it is crucial that the adhesive does not irritate the skin and is safe for human health. When manufacturing hygiene products, the adhesive performs the following functions:

  • structural, interlayer bonding of parts;
  • fixation of the hygiene product on the surface.

Which adhesive to use on hygiene products?

Lux-X offers its water-based TM Lux adhesives and hot melt adhesives from the UK-based global manufacturer TM Beardow Adams.

Characteristics of Lux-X adhesives

TM Lux adhesives are water-based and made from natural components. They are safe for human health. We recommend adhesives from the Lux-R line for multi-layer hygiene products. The adhesive is used for bonding layers of paper together and for bonding the edge of the paper to the cardboard tube when making toilet paper, roll materials, napkins and paper towels.

Properties of Lux-R adhesives

  • Quick setting.
  • Elastic adhesive film.
  • Free of harmful substances.
  • Clear when dry.

Characteristics of TM Beardow Adams hot melt adhesives

For bonding homogeneous non-woven materials of hygiene products, we offer you Beardow Adams’ specialised line of BAMCare ™ hot melt adhesives.

BAMCare hygiene hot melt adhesives are practical and environmentally safe products. On the global market, BAMCare hot melt adhesives have proven popular with manufacturers and consumers alike. The adhesive is used in manufacturing diapers and feminine hygiene products. The primary function of BAMCare adhesives is the interlayer bonding of parts. The hot melt adhesive creates an optimum level of cohesive strength and ensures high adhesion of non-woven, absorbent materials. Besides manufacturing hygiene products, the adhesive can be used in similar industries, where its characteristics and technical advantages are in demand.

BAMCare adhesives have the following properties:

  • Colourless.
  • Low odour.
  • Excellent adhesion to non-woven materials.
  • Safe and suitable for contact with skin.
  • Low viscosity allows application with various types of spray and jet equipment.

Beardow Adams’ BAMCare ™ hot melt adhesives ensure secure bonding of materials when manufacturing a product and retain their quality characteristics when in end use.

Lux-X also offers hot melt adhesives for other purposes:

  • Packaging.
  • Printing.
  • Assembling products.
  • Manufacturing Scotch tape and adhesive tape.
  • Furniture manufacturing and woodworking.
  • Manufacturing sticker labels.
  • Manufacturing insulation materials and pest control systems.

TM BAM adhesives have the following properties:

  • High tear strength.
  • High adhesive capacity.
  • High peeling resistance.
  • Clarity, UV resistance.
  • Used at high and low temperatures.
  • Applied using various techniques with special equipment.
  • Safe for health and environmentally friendly.

Why order adhesives for hygiene products at Lux-X?

The company’s experts will help you choose a high-quality adhesive that securely bonds materials for a long time. Besides consultation on adhesives, we offer technical support directly at your company. Deliveries are free of charge across Ukraine when purchasing industrial-scale volumes of the adhesive. You can order the adhesive in bulk or get advice in any way convenient for you by calling +38 (057) 766 06 36 or filling in the feedback form at the Lux-X website.