What is an adhesive for lamination coating and where it is used

  1. Where is lamination coating used?
  2. Why is cardboard and paper lamination coating needed?
  3. Lamination coating process
  4. The general bending technology provides for the performance of several stages:
  5. Which adhesive to choose?
  6. What needs to be considered when choosing an adhesive for lamination coating?
  7. Why is it best to choose Lux-P group adhesives for lamination coating?
  8. Properties of Lux ЕСО adhesives
  9. Advantages of Lux ЕСО adhesives
  10. Where to buy Lux ЕСО adhesive for lamination coating?

Lamination coating is the technology of post-printing processing in the printing industry. During lamination coating, a solid base is bonded with a thin material, a liner. The base can be cardboard, corrugated board or paper, whereas less heavy paper, corrugated board or a film is used as a liner. A preliminarily prepared liner is used to make the product vibrant and appealing. The material is processed in a special way, for example: embossing, lamination or a varnish coating.

A foil, magnetic vinyl or a film is used as a liner for lamination coating materials that will be used for packaging food products. During processing, the materials are bonded with thin cardboard. Such a technology makes the package durable.

Where is lamination coating used?

Lamination coating is used when making printed and packaging products: folders, loose-leaf binders, covers for books and notebooks, advertising and POS materials, and for packaging children’s goods, food products and other goods.

Besides, lamination coating is used when making chipboard. In this case, the resin film is pressed onto the chipboard.

Why is cardboard and paper lamination coating needed?

  • Better product appearance.
  • Makes cardboard and paper more resilient.
  • Protects a product from delamination, mechanical damage and moisture.

To make a cardboard package long lasting, a slim lamination coating process is used, during which cardboard layers of definite hardness are bonded. The result is a smooth surface with an indiscernible adhesive joint. This creates the effect of a solid cardboard sheet. Slim lamination coating is used mostly when making gift boxes.

Lamination coating process

During mass production, special equipment is used for post-printing processing. Printing plants employ lamination coating lines with an electronic control system. The machine is loaded with materials for lamination coating and an adhesive is applied onto the gluing roller. Then the surfaces of the materials are glued and processed additionally – pressed and dried.

Manual lamination coating is used mainly for making small-size souvenir products, and it involves several operations without using equipment. In spite of the manual process taking longer, it ensures accurate joining of thin paper or film with the cardboard. Before gluing over thick cardboard or paper, a place for the base should be marked on the liner with account of flaps (about 20 mm). Next, a thin uniform layer of adhesive is applied

onto the liner and the material is glued with the cardboard: press down with force the corrugated base and, by slightly pulling the flaps, bend them to make the surface smooth.

The general bending technology provides for the performance of several stages:

  • Preparing the materials. For extra protection, the liner is laminated or coated with varnish.
  • Starting the production line and placing the base and liner into the material feed unit.
  • Applying the adhesive onto the base.
  • Joining the liner and the base.

If the lamination coating technology was violated or a wrong adhesive was chosen, this will result in complications during post-printing processing. For example, paper coiling into a roll; formation of crease marks on the cardboard sheet; sticking of bonded materials; poor holding of the liner with the base, and other problems. To avoid problems, a proper adhesive must be chosen.

Which adhesive to choose?

The experts of our company offer a wide range of adhesives for for lamination coating. The following is taken into consideration to choose an adhesive: type of lamination coating material, type of adhesive applying equipment and even the temperature in the workshop.

The ability of the surfaces being bonded to absorb moisture should also be accounted for. For example, if the liner is a PVC film, adhesives based on ethyl vinyl acetate are used. Polyvinyl acetate adhesive is best for lamination coating a cardboard surface with a paper liner.

What needs to be considered when choosing an adhesive for lamination coating?

One of the main properties of an adhesive for post-printing processing is its good flow. The higher this indicator the more uniform is the adhesive application onto the base.

When working with dispersion adhesives, pay attention to the adhesive application method. With manual lamination coating, the process is slow and the adhesive in the tray of the adhesive application machine becomes thicker. Therefore, from time to time, the adhesive must be diluted additionally to reduce its viscosity. This helps to achieve a uniform bonding of the liner with the base.

Why is it best to choose Lux-P group adhesives for lamination coating?

Lux-X LLC offers a group of Lux-Р adhesives for lamination coating of paper and cardboard.

One of the latest developments of the company is the Lux ECO line of adhesives. This is an environmentally green product produced exclusively of safe components. Lux ECO adhesives are modified water-soluble adhesives based on polyvinyl alcohol, a natural polymer and appropriate additives.

Properties of Lux ЕСО adhesives

  • Dispersion colour – light beige.
  • Suitable for application with roller and disc machines, and with nozzles.
  • Impregnates well the cardboard layer and fast adhesion with a surface.
  • Nontoxic.
  • The adhesive joint is resistant to the action of environmental factors.
  • When cleaning the equipment it is readily cleaned with warm water without much effort.
  • Used from +15 ˚С to +30 ˚С.

Owing to the presence of safe components in the composition, this group of adhesives can be used for making packaging for food products, children’s goods and other articles.

Advantages of Lux ЕСО adhesives

  • Environmentally green and safe for people and pets.
  • Their odour is neutral.
  • Preserve the form of a product even under adverse ambient conditions.
  • Have a high setting rate and are very suitable for working with modern equipment.
  • Applied using different adhesive application devices.

Prior to using the Lux ЕСО adhesive in big volumes, company specialists will visit your production facilities and test the adhesive in industrial conditions. In the event of any complications during adhesive usage, the adhesive will be modified to suit the features of your production process.

Where to buy Lux ЕСО adhesive for lamination coating?

Lux adhesive for lamination coating can be purchased in wholesale lots directly from the producer, Lux-X LLC. Our production facility is located in Kharkiv, and the product is sold across the whole of Ukraine. Delivery is free-of-charge when ordering an adhesive in volumes starting from 30 kg. Call us by telephone +38 (057) 766 06 36 to get information on prices and order an adhesive, or use the feedback form on the lux-x website to contact us.