Adhesive for kraft packing paper

  1. Kinds of paper packages
  2. What is used to make eco-friendly packages
  3. Which adhesive to choose for gluing paper bags
  4. Advantages of the Lux-P line of adhesives
  5. Where to buy a Lux adhesive for paper bags

Experts note that, with every year, the volume of online shopping is increasing. This involves a growing demand in item-specific packaging. Paper packets are used most often for online purchasing. For a package to stand out and be remembered best by a buyer, companies apply pictures, logos and information about the goods on the packages.

A modern trend is paper packaging. A paper base is considered an eco-friendly material, and its use boosts the company image in the opinion of the buyers and makes the goods look special. In contrast to polyethylene bags, paper ones decompose faster and are environmentally less burdensome.

The market offers different kinds of paper bags. They are classified by their form, material, purpose, and presence of additional elements (windows, handles, printed matter, etc.).

Kinds of paper packages

1. Sachets – used for food and non-food products.

2. Food cones – popular mostly for food products (confectionary and bakery products, and fast food items).

3. Bags with a rectangular bottom – used for packing various food and nonfood products.

4. Multilayer bags – used for packing construction materials and bulk stock.

5. Bags with windows – used for packing food and nonfood products.

6. Bags with handles – used by brand shops for gifts and souvenirs. The bags are made with several types of handles: flat, twisted and textile braidlike handles.

Multilayer bags account for a wide segment of paper packages. Kraft paper bags differ from paper packets in form, structure and production process. Kraft paper bags are made of multilayer thick recycled raw materials with the use of special equipment. When forming the bag sleeve, additional reinforcing materials are often needed to make the package durable and firm.

According to statistical data, in Europe 67% of paper bags is taken up by the construction materials segment; 13%, by food products; 7%, by animal feedstuff; 7%, by chemical products; 5%, by fertilizers.

What is used to make eco-friendly packages

The raw materials used to make paper packages are as follows: coated board and heavyweight paper, white and brown kraft paper, efalin and construction paper.

Coated board is made of 3-5 tightly bonded layers, making the sheet look uniform. The board has a white smooth surface to make the package attractive.

Kraft paper is a high-strength material so it is used for packing different goods and items. Kraft paper bags are used for packing construction materials, food products, goods for animals, planting materials and other products.

Efalin is distinguished by its high strength. Efalin is used to make paper bags with designs for souvenir products.

Construction paper has a variety of textures and a range of colors. This material is used to make bags for gifts and for shops and presentations.

Which adhesive to choose for gluing paper bags

Lux-X LLC produces water-based adhesives for gluing paper and cardboard packages. The TM Lux products include a wide range of Lux-P adhesives for paper and kraft paper bags. Each adhesive brand differs in properties and contains specific components. Therefore, it is best to address our specialists to choose an adhesive, rather than do this on your own.

The most eco-friendly adhesives are those of the Lux ЕСО brand. They are produced of safe components and are permitted to be used for making packages for food products, children’s goods and other items. The adhesives of this group are distinguished by an enhanced adhesion. The adhesive is used for both the flow line and immersion production methods. The adhesive is suitable for application with roller and disc machines, and with the help of nozzles.

Advantages of the Lux-P line of adhesives

  • Fast tackiness with a surface.
  • A composition without toxic agents.
  • Quality impregnation of the cardboard layer.
  • Adhesive joint resistance to environmental factors.
  • Good adhesion with a surface.
  • Do not clog the equipment, and are readily washed off with water.

When making kraft paper bags, a Lux-P line adhesive is used for the following purposes:

  • Gluing in the bag bottom insert.
  • Gluing the side joint.
  • Gluing on flaps.

Where to buy a Lux adhesive for paper bags

Lux-X LLC offers adhesives for kraft paper bags and paper in commercial volumes with free-of-charge delivery across Ukraine. The adhesive production plant is located in Kharkiv. We do business in Ukraine and abroad.

You can buy an adhesive on wholesale terms directly from the producer. Contact the company managers for products and prices by telephone 38 (057) 766 06 36 or by using the contact form on the lux-x website. Order an adhesive as convenient for you: on the website or by calling us on the hotline telephone number indicated above.