Adhesive for plastic products

  1. Why is it necessary to use hot-melt adhesive to glue plastic products?
  2. Specific features of plastic adhesive application
  3. Application of hot-melt adhesive for plastic products
  4. Applying labels to plastic containers
  5. Gluing of plastic materials
  6. Household appliances and electronics
  7. Cars
  8. Sealing

As a rule, plastic surfaces are very hard to glue together. Our product line features hot-melt adhesives that glue together polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, PVC, PET and other plastic surfaces.

Why is it necessary to use hot-melt adhesive to glue plastic products?

  • Hot-melt adhesives quickly and efficiently stick to almost any surfaces, both permeable and impermeable.
  • The use of hot-melt adhesive increases productivity, saves production space and reduces environmental pollution due to practically waste-free production.
  • Hot-melt adhesives provide strong gluing and improve the appearance of products by eliminating the use of nails, screws or other fasteners.
  • Hot-melt adhesive is a non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable adhesive for plastic products.
  • It is solvent-free and its solid packaging ensures easy, safe and reliable transportation, storage and handling.
  • Many hot-melt adhesives can be sprayed, thus replacing solvent-based adhesive systems.

Specific features of plastic adhesive application

Hot-melt adhesives can be used to glue plastic materials together or glue plastic to other materials, namely:

  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Particle board/medium density fiberboard
  • Fabrics
  • Paper
  • Leather
  • Foams

Application of hot-melt adhesive for plastic products

Applying labels to plastic containers

Hot-melt adhesives ensure that labels are glued to any type and shape of PET containers. They are suitable for a variety of labeling applications, including 'complex' plastics and plastic-coated labels. Due to its low viscosity, BeardowAdams hot-melt adhesives ensure clean equipment operation and deep material penetration. Unlike other hot-melt labeling adhesives with low viscosity, they provide strong adhesion, and trying to separate it will result in material rupture.

Gluing of plastic materials

Since hot-melt adhesives are non-toxic and solvent-free, they are an excellent alternative to solvent adhesives used for gluing plastic products. Hot-melt adhesives are advantageous for use in the production of automotive and furniture plastic parts, as there is no need for emission control systems.

Household appliances and electronics

Hot-melt adhesives are widely used in the production of household appliances that require durability, gluing quality and heat resistance. Hot-melt adhesives have proven to be ideal for temporary or permanent gluing and various sealing for global manufacturers.
It can be used in gluing of control panel covers and tanks hoods of washing machines, gluing and sealing of hot air conveyor in dryers, gluing EPDM strips to the bottom of the tank in dishwashers and filling the gaps prior to polyurethane foam injection into refrigerators and freezers assembly.


The automotive industry imposes high requirements on gluing durability and heat resistance at temperatures up to 120°C. Hot-melt adhesives are used for gluing foams, sound insulation composites, rear light assemblies, roof railings, etc. The use of hot-melt adhesives for gluing automotive interiors is indispensable when the requirements for thermal and vibration resistance increase.


It is much faster and cheaper to use seals, formed on the spot, than to cut them out. Specially designed hot-melt adhesives can be applied by high-speed robotic technology according to the desired size and shape. Depending on the composition, hot-melt adhesives are capable of forming permanent or removable seals.

You can buy hot-melt adhesives produced by ВАМ™ at the Lux-Х Company; they are available in many forms and, therefore, suitable for various uses and methods of application.

Products in the form of balls/pastilles are suitable for automatic application. In addition to the basic forms, our company offers adhesives in the ECOBLOCK™ form, which was designed to make the glue application more convenient.