Which adhesive to use for paper tube winding?

  1. Application of cardboard tubes
  2. What are paper tubes made of?
  3. How does the carton tube manufacturing process work?
  4. What is the best adhesive for paper tubes?
  5. What is the right adhesive for tubes?

The first tubes appeared in the middle of the 18th century in the gun industry to make paper cartridges. After a while, women began to use cardboard tubes to store threads, fabric and ribbons for needlework.

The cardboard tube is a cylinder-shaped package, which consists of a rigid cardboard body (cardboard sleeve/core), made by spiral winding, with a cover and a bottom fixed to it.

Cardboard tubes are in demand in various industries due to their strength and versatility.

Application of cardboard tubes

Cardboard tubes are suitable for packaging, transportation and storage of roll materials.

Hygienic paper products, fabric and ribbons, food wrap, adhesive tape and building materials are wound onto cardboard tubes. They are used also as packaging for loose products, strong drinks and to protect documents during transportation.

What are paper tubes made of?

Cardboard tubes are made by winding paper strips and gluing them together to form a cylinder. Finished tubes vary in size, length and thickness.

Tubes are made of core board, paper and adhesive.

How does the carton tube manufacturing process work?

A core board roll is fixed on a special device and passed through a roller. A knife is used to cut the paperboard into strips of the required width, which are then treated with adhesive.

After the adhesive has been applied, cardboard sleeves are formed. Adhesive-saturated paper layers are wound onto a metal cylinder. For better bonding, the paper layers are pressed together with a special belt.

After adhesion, the tube is cut into blanks of the required length. The resulting parts are dried. The size of the blanks changes in the process of drying.

The finished cardboard tubes are sent for sorting, packing and labelling. At this stage, a specialist inspects the products. When the tubes meet the standards, they are packed in boxes and sent to the warehouse.

What is the best adhesive for paper tubes?

A high-quality adhesive for paper tubes has many advantages.

  • It is environmentally friendly and safe. The adhesive does not harm the health of the people working in the factory and end consumers of the product.
  • High adhesion, thanks to which the treated strips do not get soaked and are firmly connected to each other.
  • No blobs in the composition. The homogeneous adhesive consistency allows easy application and easy cleaning of equipment.
  • Economical consumption.
  • Wide viscosity range.
  • A possibility to improve adhesive according to the characteristics of the adhesive application equipment.

What is the right adhesive for tubes?

The water-based adhesive of “Lux ECO” line of “Lux-X” manufacturer (Ukraine) is suitable for paper tubes. “Lux” adhesives are made based on natural components and are characterized by high adhesive ability.

Before applying, the adhesive is tested on the customer’s adhesive applicators. If necessary, “Lux-X” experts will visit the company and check adhesive performance.

For more information about product prices and how to apply the adhesive, call 38 (057) 766 06 36 or use the feedback form.