Areas of use of hot melt adhesive for packaging

Hot-melt adhesive is often used for cardboard package adhesion bonding, sealing and pallet stabilization.

Hot-melt adhesives are characterized by good adhesion, short bonding time and good resistance to water. Due to such characteristics, hot-melt adhesive was used for package production in the early 60s of the previous century.

What may be bonded with the use of hot-melt adhesive?

Hot-melt adhesives bond various types of packages, and they are used in order to perform the following tasks:

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  • production of souvenir packages;
  • sealing of cardboard box flaps;
  • bonding of frozen product packages;
  • packaging of various food products;
  • bonding of trays or cardboard pallets.

Why is hot-melt adhesive ideal for package bonding?

Cardboard package is in routine use for packaging of consumer product such as pharmaceutical boxes, frozen pizza, toothpaste, etc. These products may be stored in humid environment or be exposed to condensation product. In order to save packing exterior, to avoid its warpage and delamination, cardboard is laminated with films or treated with protective coatings.

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Thereafter, bonding of cardboard boxes is possible only with the use of special adhesives that bond composite surfaces. They include hot melt adhesive compositions or so called hot-melt adhesives.

What hot-melt adhesive must be chosen for food package bonding?

Beardow Adams Adhesives (Great Britain) has developed a special line of industrial adhesives of BAM and BAMFutura trademarks. These adhesives are manufactured according to the innovative formulation in order to meet the world’s quality standards and to be eminently suitable for package bonding.

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Advantages of BAM packaging hot-melt adhesives:

  • good adhesion to a wide range of materials;
  • temperature resistance;
  • no smoke and offensive odor in the room when working with adhesive;
  • do not clog the adhesive unit of the installation;
  • adhesive is manufactured from safe-health level components.

BAM hot-melt adhesive ensures the following:

  • easiness of adhesive application and comfortable working conditions;
  • endurable adhesive line of high-quality.

What is the difference between ТМ ВАМ and ТМ ВАМFutura hot-melt adhesives?

Due to the fact that ВАМFutura adhesives do not contain filling compounds in their formulation, they are characterized by less consumption, and they do not leave off combustion deposits on equipment. Adhesives have high thermal and frost resistance, they are resistant to extreme cold and deep freezing down to -30°C.

In addition, BAMFutura adhesives have optimal viscosity, rapid-hardening properties and good adhesion to materials: MetPol, PE, PP, PET and BOPP.

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BAMFutura hot-melt adhesives are used for:

  • package sealing;
  • bonding of a straw to Tetra Pak package;
  • bonding of cones for ice cream;
  • bonding of office paper package flaps;
  • bonding of cardboard with lacquer coating;
  • bonding of lugs for fruits and vegetables with PET laminated coating;
  • production of coffee cups (used on high-speed lines, about 150 cups per minute).

What characteristics must be considered for correct choice of hot-melt adhesive?

  • Viscosity affects the method of adhesive application to the surface: atomizer, roll pin or roller.
  • Stability or ‘pot life’ ensures that color, structure and other adhesive characteristics remain unchanged under the influence of environmental conditions.
  • Environmental tolerance is the property of adhesive that allows to maintain the quality of material bonding under any environmental exposure and product integrity in the course of long-distance transportation.
  • Open time of adhesive must exceed the time necessary for bonding of the surfaces to be bonded together.If the open time is too short, and the adhesive hardens before the parts are bonded together, it will not ensure the intimate adhesion.
  • Setting rate of adhesives on thermal adhesive equipment may be low, high and medium. A wide range ensures successful bonding on various types of equipment.
  • Temperature resistance is the property of adhesive that allows to maintain adhesive properties at low and high temperatures;
  • Surfaceadhesion strength – innovative formulations and raw materials of high-quality ensure good surface adhesion properties.
  • Organic binder - absence of toxic substances in the formulation meets the consumer needs for environmentally friendly goods, suitable for manufacture of the products for vegans.

How to buy the hot-melt adhesive for packaging?

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