What is used to glue paper and cardboard?

  1. What properties should an adhesive for cardboard and paper have?
  2. Glue for paper and cardboard
  3. What is best for gluing cardboard?
  4. Which glue is used to paste paper?
  5. Which glue is used to glue paper to cardboard?
  6. How to purchase a glue for paper and cardboard?

Paper and cardboard are the most popular materials used in making cartons, packets, bags and other containers. An advantage of a paper package is its neat appearance and ecological safety.

As a matter of interest, making one ton of paper requires about 2.8 cubic meters of wood, and cardboard production, on average, needs 1.6 cubic meters of woody material.

Cardboard is often used to make consumer and transport containers. Cartons ensure integrity and quality of goods in transit and when warehousing cargo.

A quality packaging material keeps its shape even in condensate and high moisture conditions. Special commercial adhesives used by packaging manufacturers ensure container durability.

What properties should an adhesive for cardboard and paper have?

Packaging manufacturers impose stringent requirements on commercial adhesives used for working with paper and cardboard. This is because adhesive specifications have an immediate impact on the quality of finished products:

  • An adhesive for paper and cardboard should have high adhesion for strong bonding of joined surfaces.
  • After drying, a quality adhesive forms a flexible glue joint.
  • The viscosity of an adhesive for gluing paper or cardboard should depend on the equipment for applying the glue. If the application assembly is a nozzle, the glue should be thin and without inclusions and additives for it to be easily forced through the small orifice. If the glue is applied with a roller, the viscosity should be higher to keep the adhesive from dripping off the rollers. Besides, glue viscosity is chosen depending on paper or cardboard weight. If the paper is thin or the cardboard is bulked, the glue will quickly soak the surfaces of the bonded materials and make the paper excessively moist. Later on, this will make the surface buckle.
  • A colorless glue is recommended for pulp and paper products to keep yellow spots from forming on the bonded surfaces. This is especially visible on white paper or cardboard.
  • The glue composition should gave no toxic substances or a harsh odor. This is of particular importance when making packages for food products.

Glue for paper and cardboard

A question is asked often: which glue to use to paste paper and cardboard? Our specialists recommend using the following kinds of glue for gluing cartons and paper bags:

What is best for gluing cardboard?

For makers of cartons, cases and other packaging materials, we recommend using the Lux Р group of glues. This group of dispersion glues is produced using synthetic polymers: PVAC, EVA, PVAL, acrylates and other polymer bases. The adhesives are specially intended for making printing products, and paper, cardboard and cardboard spirally rolled containers. To glue the articles, roller or disk machines can be used for glue application or this can be done manually.

If special hot-melt gluing equipment for making packaging is available, an excellent choice is the ТМ BeardowAdams hot-melt glue, which glues cardboard strongly and reliably. Hot-melt glues feature a high tack force and a wide viscosity range depending on the glue brand. After the glue has set, the glued joint in the package is resistant to the action of external factors. Hot-melt glue is suited for use in high-speed and low-speed equipment. The BAMFutura glue series has a self-cleaning effect, leaves no deposit inside the equipment, and does not clog the nozzles and filters of machinery.

Which glue is used to paste paper?

To paste paper, Lux-X LLC specialists recommend using the Lux P group of glues. This group includes PVAC dispersion. The product has no foreign additives and admixtures. It is a white liquid, which after complete drying has an appearance of a transparent film. The dispersion is safe; therefore, it is used for making articles for children, and packing food and hygienic products.

Paper can also be pasted with hot-melt glue ТМ BeardowAdams for printing, Great Britain. The manufacturer guarantees quality bonding of printed matter. The hot-melt glue allows working with different kinds of paper and binding materials, dries fast and has high adhesion to many paper materials. Using ТМ ВАМ hot-melt glue, printed matter makers can perform the following functions: bind together printed matter components, glue handbooks, magazines, notebooks, books, and stick inserts with samples of advertising products, etc.

Which glue is used to glue paper to cardboard?

In production conditions and at home, a need arises to glue paper to different surfaces, including cardboard. With this in view, Lux-X LLC specialists recommend using PVAC glue.

For the paper to stick smoothly and firmly to cardboard, we offer these tips:

  • Apply a thin layer of glue to the surface.
  • When gluing, it is best to apply the glue onto cardboard, rather than onto paper to prevent surface buckling.
  • Next, carefully join the materials being bonded and then smoothen the surface to prevent the occurrence of air pockets between the bonded layers.
  • The glued article can be put under a press for 15 minutes, and then lay it aside for 24 hours for the glue to set completely.

How to purchase a glue for paper and cardboard?

To choose a glue you need, call us by the telephone numbers in Contacts or click the “Callback” button. Lux-X specialists will give you competent advice and technical support in choosing a glue to meet your requirements.