Application of casein glue in labeling

  1. Casein glue composition and its advantages
  2. Application of casein glue
  3. Where can you buy casein glue?

Natural polymer adhesives, or bioadhesives, are products made from animal and vegetable materials. Despite the fact that since the middle of the 20th century natural glues have been gradually replaced by synthetic glues, some natural adhesives are still used effectively in woodworking, printing, packaging, and particularly in furniture production, for bonding labels on containers, as well as book bindings, boxes, etc. In addition, thanks to various environmental standards, natural adhesives obtained from renewable resources are again gaining attention.

The most popular and commonly used glue based on natural raw materials is casein. Casein glue is a product obtained by dissolving casein, a protein obtained from milk, in an aqueous solution. Casein is not only used to improve adhesion characteristics in glues; it can be added to paints and various coatings. Its most attractive features are high adhesion strength and initial grab and tack.

Casein glue composition and its advantages

It is known that minor changes in their formulation result in significant changes in adhesive products’ properties such as adhesion strength, drying speed and shelf life. Different types of casein, and even different batches within a production cycle, can provide different results. Therefore, it is very important to purchase casein glue from an experienced manufacturer, who knows how to balance the formulation to achieve a better composition of properties in the finished product.

Advantages of casein glue in labeling

  1. Provides uninterrupted production processes on filling lines.
  2. Excellent washability of reusable packaging where the label and glue are well removed.
  3. In bottle washing machines it does not form insoluble compounds in the cleaning solution and does not foam the solution due to the presence of adhesive residues.
  4. Ecological, does not cause irritation or allergic reactions.
  5. Works well on low and high-speed labelling machines.
  6. Excellent adhesion to wet and cold containers and is resistant to condensation.
  7. Resistant to atmospheric changes including fluctuations in temperature, humidity, exposure to sunlight, etc.
  8. Does not cause damage to equipment parts and it does not oxidize.
  9. Affordable.
  10. Provides an ideal appearance of the glued product.

Application of casein glue

The field of casein glue application in labeling is quite wide.

  • The most common application is for labelling beer bottles, since casein glue is particularly resistant to immersion in cold water and easily removed when washing recycled glass containers.
  • The adhesive label can be paper, metallized or aluminium foil.
  • It is used for labelling of glass containers in the production of sauces, juices, canned goods and the bottling of water.
  • When bonding documentary stamps on alcoholic beverage caps up to 32 mm long.
  • When bonding overlapping labels on tin containers, packing canned food or paint and varnish products, on thermoplastic containers in the production of carbonated beverages, drinking water or household chemicals, etc.

Where can you buy casein glue?

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