"Lux" brand water-repellent coating for corrugated board manufacturers

As corrugated cardboard is widely used, increasing moisture resistance for packaging manufacture is a popular subject for modern innovations. Scientific and Production Enterprise “Lux-X” (LLC) has presented a new product developed in its own scientific laboratory: a water-repellent coating used in the pulp and paper industry in the production of corrugated board.

Packaging with "Lux" brand water-repellent coating retains its shape and has high strength and hydrophobic characteristics when used in a moist environment.

The main causes that contribute to destruction of corrugated containers are the influence of atmospheric phenomena (high humidity, rain or snow) and condensation when boxing frozen food. Despite attempts to protect product packages by wrapping them in film or transporting them in closed vehicles – it is almost impossible to protect them from moisture, and storing corrugated boxes often occurs in environments that do not meet optimal packaging requirements. An increase in the relative air humidity causes an increase in the moisture content of the corrugated box, which leads to a decrease in strength and boxes often lose their strength properties to the point of becoming unsuitable for use. This entails additional costs for both producers of corrugated cardboard and their customers.

Improving packaging quality is solved by using more dense cardboard and corrugating paper, using higher quality raw materials for cardboard, switching to five-layer corrugated cardboard, etc. But this leads to a significant rise in the cost of corrugated board, and the use of "Lux" brand water-repellent coating has only a minimal effect on the final product price.

Research and testing in raised humidity conditions have demonstrated the moisture resistance of corrugated cardboard treated with "Lux" water repellent on its surface is much more effective in comparison with corrugated cardboard where the hydrophobic compound is added when the paper pulp is formed or paper layers are glued together.

Hydrophobic compound effectiveness level

  1. The effect of moisture on the corrugated cardboard, with the "Lux" water-repellent composition applied to the surface is reduced.

  1. The effect of moisture on the corrugated cardboard, where the hydrophobic composition is added when the paper pulp is formed is reduced.

  1. The effect of moisture on usual corrugated cardboard is greater when untreated.

Where are corrugated boxes with the "Lux" water-repellent coating applied used?

  • for storage and transportation of products in refrigerators and freezers;
  • for packaging fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, tobacco, etc.;
  • when storing products in damp areas;
  • to give increased package strength.

What are the advantages of "Lux" hydrophobic composition for surface application?

  1. Environmentally friendly product. Non-toxic.
  2. It is safe for human health and when it is applied properly.
  3. Water-repellent coating is transparent and odourless.
  4. Printing is possible on the dried coating.
  5. Contact with food is allowed.
  6. Easy to use.

How to apply "Lux" water-repellent coating?

To apply the "Lux" adhesive water-repellent composition there is no need to use additional specialized equipment. The water-repellent coating is applied before printing and die-cutting evenly over the entire surface of the blank corrugated cardboard on flexographic machines using an anilox, rubber or metal shaft.

Where can I buy "Lux" brand water-repellent adhesive composition?

If you want to buy "Lux" water-repellent coating or conduct preliminary testing, call our company using the phone numbers listed on our site or fill in the feedback form and our managers will contact you. It is also possible to receive professional technical advice and complete informational support with a technical specialist who will visit the your enterprise to set up the equipment and launch the use of "Lux" adhesive products.

Free shipping for orders of 30 kg or more is available anywhere in Ukraine.