Storing «Lux» adhesives in winter time

Dear customers, Scientific and production enterprise “Lux-X” LLC, the largest producer and supplier of industrial adhesives in Ukraine, would like you to pay attention to storage, transportation, handling, application conditions in cold weather.

In winter time dispersion adhesives can be delivered only by specially equipped transport, that's why we are asking you to place the orders for shipment of adhesives in advance.

Dispersion adhesives of “Lux” trademark should be stored in dry warehouses in tightly closed containers at temperature of not less than 5°С. Frozen or frosted adhesives partially lose their adhesive properties leading to interruptions in operation of your company.

«Beardow & Adams» hot melts have no special requirements as for temperature conditions, the main factor is package integrity and humidity protection.

We recommend to acclimatize adhesives of all types on site for not less than 24 hours.