Polyvinyl acetate emulsion: application areas

  1. Properties of polyvinyl acetate emulsion
  2. Application areas of polyvinyl acetate emulsion
  3. Advantages and technical characteristics of PVAc emulsions
  4. Where to buy polyvinyl acetate emulsion in Kharkiv
  5. Why is it worth ordering PVAc emulsion at Lux-X LLC?

PVAc dispersion is polymerized vinyl acetate in water. The widely used PVAc adhesive is produced based on polyvinyl acetate dispersion, plasticizers and other additives. Often PVAc dispersion is called a polyvinyl acetate emulsion.

Properties of polyvinyl acetate emulsion

A homopolymer dispersion or PVAc emulsion is a viscous white liquid that following drying forms a colorless film. The emulsion can contain a plasticizer. The emulsion’s structure is smooth, without blobs and inclusions. Polyvinyl acetate dispersion has a wide viscosity range: 8 to 20 seconds, as measured by a standard viscosity-measuring cup. 

Application areas of polyvinyl acetate emulsion

- Packaging and printing: making paper bags, cardboard and cardboard spirally wound containers, and gluing corrugated boxes. When making printed products, different glue brands based on PVAc dispersion are used to make the book jacket, glue the insetted book, and for backing.

- Textile industry: bonding fabrics, leather and other textile materials. Polyvinyl acetate emulsion has superior ability to bond to natural and artificial fibers; hence, it can be included in the composition of fabric finishing mixtures. After the appret has been applied onto the surface, the textile material becomes firm and wear-resistant. Besides, PVAc dispersion is used as an additive when making moisture-proofing solutions for fabrics.

- Woodworking and making furniture: gluing plywood, hard and soft wood; assembly gluing and filleted joining. 

- Construction activities: PVAc emulsion is used as an additive to chalk and cement mixes. Dispersion adhesive is used at home for repair work: joining linoleum and carpet flooring, gluing on ceramic facing tiles and other decorative elements.

- Making paint-and-varnish products and industrial adhesives. PVAc emulsion is added to the composition of coarsely dispersed substances, such as paints, construction mixes and other suspensions in order to create an elastic and steadfast film on a surface.

Advantages and technical characteristics of PVAc emulsions

  • Fine adhesive and technical properties: the dispersion bonds the majority of surfaces securely due to the adhesive’s wetting and impregnation of the material, and it can also serve as an additive to different solutions.
  • Having dried, the emulsion forms a steadfast and colorless film between the surfaces being joined.
  • The quality characteristics of the adhesive film on the glued product do not change with temperature variations.
  • High speed of emulsion adhesion to the glued material.
  • Versatility and ease of application: the dispersion is applied onto a surface using roller and disc machines, or it is applied by hand. If equipment is used for applying the dispersion adhesive after work has been completed the machine is cleaned easily with warm water.
  • Resistance to mechanical effects because the adhesive film achieves high durability in short time.
  • Ease of handling: before starting to work, no additional manipulations with the dispersion are needed – one just needs to mix the composition. A thick consistency enables using the product effortlessly on vertical surfaces. After the emulsion has been applied, no spots appear on the materials, and excess adhesive is removed easily.
  • PVAc emulsion does not make foam.
  • Polyvinyl acetate emulsion can be stored up to 12 months.
  • The product’s price is affordable, and the product is not toxic and flammable.

Where to buy polyvinyl acetate emulsion in Kharkiv

A quality Lux P-20 polyvinyl acetate dispersion can be purchased directly from SPE Lux-X LLC, the producer of industrial adhesives. The enterprise’s own R&D laboratory develops quality adhesives to customer’s specifications. The order volume and the product brand affect the PVAc emulsion cost. Before purchasing dispersion PVAc, we advise calling the managers at Lux-X LLC for detailed consulting. The consultancy support of our technical experts will help choose the adhesive you need. Purchasing more than 30 kg of dispersion adhesive guarantees free-of-charge delivery across Ukraine. 

Why is it worth ordering PVAc emulsion at Lux-X LLC?

  • You can buy the dispersion directly from the producer on wholesale and retail terms starting from 10 kg at an affordable price.
  • Lux-X LLC offers a wide range of adhesives for different applications.
  • An option of free-of-charge delivery and savings due to direct delivery without any agents.

For detailed information about dispersion PVAc, click the link on the company’s website. Place an order for an adhesive by telephone +38 (057) 766 06 36 or by clicking the call-back button.