World First: UK adhesive manufacturer awarded BRC Certification

Following a £1.2m investment, Beardow Adams is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the British Retail Consortium (BRC) high hygiene level certificate to the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials for the manufacture of hot melt adhesives for food and non-food packaging applications.

Beardow Adams is the first adhesive company in the world to receive this award. It streamlines the supplier approval process and makes it is easier for food companies to meet the requirements of the BRC Food Standard while also helping retailers and food manufacturers to adhere to their legal obligations. ‘This new certification proves that we are committed to delivering to the highest standards and providing an unbeatable service to the food and packaging industries, the benefits of which will be filtered down to our customers,’ said Frank Rodgers, General Manager.

The standard specifies HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point), good manufacturing practices, plus the hygiene, safety and quality requirements for packaging manufacturers who supply the food and consumer products industries.

‘We supply customers worldwide including manufacturers in the food, drink and retail sectors. It is important for us to ensure our processes and procedures are in line with the highest standards; the BRC Global Standard is the most used GFSI-approved standard worldwide and means we can continue producing safe, quality products with confidence,’ continued Rodgers.

Beardow Adams’ facilities are equipped with the latest technology and its revolutionary BAMFutura range highlights its commitment to innovation. As well as this, the Milton Keynes site is home to Europe’s largest single hot melt adhesive plant which demonstrates its proficiencies in producing large-volume, high-quality products in a safe, hygienic and properly-controlled environment.

Since its founding in 1977 Beardow Adams has focussed on quality and established a reputation for superior products and truly exceptional service. Today its hot melt adhesives are used and trusted by more than 10,000 manufacturers worldwide and are seen in various industries from packaging to tapes and labels and other industrial applications.