Water resistance and strength of PVA “Lux” bondings are confirmed by UkrSEPRO Certificate.

According to test results of adhesive bondings water resistance, the samples bonded with adhesive PVA “Lux” meet requirements of increased water resistance, DSTU BV.2.6-170:2011. This classification is similar to D3 water resistance class of European standard EN 204.

“Lux-X” Company acquired UkrSEPRO Certificate meeting requirements of water resistance and strength of adhesive bondings of profiled wooden parts with PVA “Lux” according to DSTU BV.2.6-170:2011 and DSTU BV.2.6-150:2010.

After soaking of bonded samples in water at 20 °C for 48 hours and then boiling for 3 hours, bonded parts bear the load of 700 kg! Average level of strength was 10.4 MPa, while minimum allowable value is 4 MPa!

Parts bonded with adhesive PVA “Lux” suitable for bonding furniture and indoor structures, paneling, doors, windows, stairs, ladders, etc., made of wood or log materials.

Possible operating conditions: interiors, which are subject of short-term effects of flowing or condensed water and/or long-term high humidity exposure.

For detailed technical specifications or product order, please, follow the adhesive PVA “Lux”.