Storing «Lux» adhesives in winter time

Dear customers, please pay special attention to the conditions of storage, transportation, movement and use of dispersion adhesives in the cold season to avoid product damage.

Delivery of dispersion ad hesives by "Lux-X" company in winter time is provided only by specially equipped transport. We ask you to provide requests for shipment of adhesives in advance in order to ensure timely delivery of adhesives to your enterprise.

Dispersion ad hesive TM "Lux" should be stored in dry warehouses in tightly closed containers at a temperature not lower than 5 ° C. This will prevent freezing. This will prevent overfreezing of the glue and maintain high quality indicators of the product. Frozen or underfrozen adhesives partially lose their adhesion (adhesive) properties, which can lead to failures in the operation of your company.

Compliance with these conditions will preserve the quality characteristics of the adhesive throughout the shelf life and save you from unnecessary costs and disruptions in production.

For the line of thermal adhesives of TM "BeardowAdams" there are no special requirements to the temperature regime. To preserve the adhesive properties of the product, declared by the manufacturer, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the packaging and protect it from moisture.

Before direct use of dispersion and thermal adhesives, it is necessary to allow them to acclimatize under shop conditions for at least 24 hours. This will allow the adhesive to warm up to room temperature and maintain its adhesion characteristics.
We also recommend pre-warming all materials to be bonded, as bonding of cold surfaces may lead to subsequent unbonding of finished products.