Packaging Industry 2021: from packaging design to packaging equipment and technologies

For the first time, Lux-X was a contributor at the Packaging Industry research and development conference. The 15th edition of the conference was held on 22 September in Kyiv. We shared our experience and expertise in adhesive systems used in packaging manufacturing and showcased our own adhesives.

The conference covered various topics pertaining to the packaging industry. There was a discussion on development, manufacturing and closed-cycle technologies in packaging. The discussion touched on the economic health of the market as a whole and the legal protection of separate elements of packaging as intellectual property.

Experts say the packaging industry is one of the most critical in the world. Demand for packaging is soaring as online shopping surges. However, safety and hygiene requirements for packaging materials are tightening. The growth of this industry hinges on consumer buying power. The Ukrainian packaging market expects rising prices of raw materials and the end product, a weaker national currency, and a worsening pandemic, which could weigh down on demand. Despite the challenges ahead, economists remain upbeat and urge to improve the investment appeal of the country.

The subject for discussion was the environmental friendliness of packaging and its recycling. Whether cardboard packaging is more environmentally friendly than PET remains debatable. Recycling plants are operating in Ukraine, albeit below capacity. Capacity utilisation is just 70-80% due to a shortage of raw materials. This applies to paper mills, glass factories, and plastic processing plants. Factories are forced to import most of their raw materials from abroad. Recycling will increasingly become important on the back of global environmental challenges and tightening national regulations. Today, Ukraine faces numerous obstacles to creating a continuous cycle of waste collection and recycling.

The packaging industry is full of innovations not only in creating equipment but also in packaging design. Environmental friendliness, small container sizes, and transparency of the material remain the primary design trend. Therefore, developers are making proper use of creative ideas based on consumer preferences.

Besides Ukrainian experts, foreign business representatives participated in the conference and shared their experience on business development.

Lux-X thanks the Packers Club and the Upakovka Information and Analytical Centre for an exciting program, informative presentations by participants and a consistent platform for interacting with partners!