Waterproof PVAc adhesive for bonding class D4 wood

  1. What adhesive is best for wood?
  2. Advantages of PVAc adhesive Lux D3
  3. Why use PVAc adhesive D4?
  4. How does adhesive D4 differ from D3?
  5. New product from Lux-X LLC! PVAc adhesive Lux D4 for wood
  6. Adhesive properties:
  7. Advantages of the Lux adhesive:
  8. Recommendations on using PVAc adhesive Lux D4
  9. How to buy PVAc adhesive Lux D4 for wood?

Wood is often used in construction and finishing work due to the material’s strength and aesthetic properties. When joining wood constructions it is best to use glue because the adhesive is safe, reliable and convenient to work with. Different kinds of adhesives are used in carpentry: PVAc-based, polyurethane, contact and resin adhesives. Manufacturers choose the necessary adhesive composition with account of wood properties, its resistance to loads and the environmental impact on the finished product.

What adhesive is best for wood?

Among the big variety of adhesives used for wood, the one in most demand is the PVAc adhesive. The adhesive composition, apart from polyvinyl acetate, contains plasticizers and stabilizers. The plasticizing agents create a protective film after the adhesive has set, and impart the required viscosity to the adhesive. Additional components are needed to improve the adhesive properties. Such components in the composition facilitate the use of PVAc as a primer and admixture to construction mixes. Visibly, the glue is a white liquid that becomes transparent after setting. General-purpose polyvinyl acetate adhesive has a number of advantages:

  • small consumption rate;
  • temperature resistance and adhesive joint elasticity;
  • environmental compatibility and safety – the adhesive composition has no toxic substances;
  • waterproofness, making it possible to work in high air humidity conditions;
  • fire safety;
  • the adhesive joint is resistant to mechanical damage;
  • unplasticized PVAc is frost-tolerant and can withstand several freezing cycles;
  • it can be removed readily from any surface, including that of equipment;
  • it can join various surfaces: wood, fabric, paper, textile, and other materials.

Carpentry PVAc adhesive wets wood well and is suitable for joining soft and hard wood species. To increase adhesive tackiness and make the composition strong and waterproof, producers introduce special components and agents during adhesive synthesis. PVAc adhesive for woodworking usually corresponds to waterproofness

levels D1 to D4 according to standard DIN EN 204. The higher the figure in the designation the better is the adhesive’s waterproofness according to the standard. The required waterproofness class is chosen depending on the usage conditions of the articles.

Optimal usage conditions and areas of application of carpentry adhesives as per their waterproofness classes are as follows:

  • D1 – indoors where the air temperature is within 50˚С. The moisture content of the glued wood should be within 15%.
  • D2 – indoors with periodical short-time action of flowing water, condensate or with accidental exposure to excess humidity. The moisture content of the glued wood should be within 18%.
  • D3 – indoors with frequent short-time action of flowing water, condensate and/or strong action of high humidity. The external parts of articles should not be exposed to weather effects.
  • D4 – indoors with frequent long-time action of flowing water and condensate. The external parts of the articles can be exposed to weather effects.

In the woodworking industry, PVAc Lux D3 is the most in-demand adhesive because it has high adhesion properties, provides a strong adhesive joint, and its price is affordable. The class D3 adhesive is a general-purpose product used for joining smooth wooden surfaces, and various sawn timber and bars with tenon joints. It is used for making interior articles and flooring that will be placed inside rooms.

Advantages of PVAc adhesive Lux D3

  • Made of high-quality European raw materials according to EU requirements.
  • Nontoxic.
  • The adhesive joint is resistant to environmental factors.
  • The adhesive joint does not darken during temperature treatment.
  • Versatile application: is used with machine and manual application; is intended for use in hot and cold press machines.

PVAc adhesive Lux D3 is used for joining wooden surfaces with a big contacting surface. Due to its unique formulation, it is ideal for facing furniture, lamination of tabletops, and gluing plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, MDF and other materials.

Why use PVAc adhesive D4?

In spite of that the class D3 adhesive is very popular in the woodworking industry and for those articles whose outer surfaces will be exposed to the weather or frequent long-time flowing water, it is recommended to use an adhesive of the D4 waterproofness class. According to the DIN EN 204 standard, PVAc D4 is a waterproof adhesive, due to which the adhesive joint in moisture conditions remains strong and guarantees a long service life of an article.

How does adhesive D4 differ from D3?

As compared to adhesive D3, PVAc D4 demonstrates higher waterproofness and adhesion strength. The adhesive is intended for joining outdoor elements exposed to the weather: windows, doors, wooden houses and garden furniture, and for fastening wooden elements in bathrooms and bathhouses, with the wooden surfaces being adequately protected.

New product from Lux-X LLC! PVAc adhesive Lux D4 for wood

The woodworking and furniture industry market segment is expanding rapidly not only owing to the domestic market but also because of export deliveries, with a focus on the quality of products. Makers of wooden furniture need a reliable and safe waterproof adhesive. Having collected all the demands of our customers, we developed the adhesive D4 for wood. It is a new adhesive in its product range.

PVAc adhesive Lux D4 is a ready-to-use single-component adhesive. It is produced using a modified polyvinyl acetate dispersion, polymerization accelerants, solidifiers, and stabilizing and preserving agents. The adhesive corresponds to the enhanced waterproofness class according to DSTU BV.2.6–170:2011 (analog of D4).

Adhesive properties:

  • White liquid; transparent after setting.
  • Applied using machine and manual techniques.
  • Used in hot and cold press machines.
  • Resistant to environmental effects and corresponds to the enhanced waterproofness class.
  • Can be stored for four months from the date of production.

Advantages of the Lux adhesive:

  • Creates a strong adhesive joint.
  • Is transparent on the surface after setting.
  • The adhesive film is resistant to temperature changes.
  • No coloration of joined parts; the original appearance is preserved.

Recommendations on using PVAc adhesive Lux D4

Prior to applying the D4 adhesive, prepare the surfaces for secure joining. The parts should be smooth and dry, and it is better to degrease the surface prior to applying the adhesive. When joining, we recommend reducing the gap clearance between the parts to a minimum because a big gap clearance and a bigger adhesive layer compromise the joint strength and increase setting time. The adhesive is applied onto one of the surfaces. After this, both parts are joined and pressed together with a carpenter’s screw clamp or in a hot/cold press.

Further treatment of parts is permitted in 24 hours following complete polymerization of the adhesive. The adhesive setting time depends on the temperature, wood moisture content and the force of pressing together the parts being joined. Moist wood increases the adhesive joint setting time. For the majority of carpentry articles, the admissible wood moisture content is 6 to 8%.

Stir up the Lux adhesive prior to using. The adhesive can be applied using machine techniques or manually. A roller or brush is used for manual application. To observe safety measures, put on gloves. This will minimize the contact of the adhesive with the skin of the hands. If adhesive joining is done in a room, provide adequate ventilation. Store the adhesive at +5 оС to +30 оС in a tightly closed container.

How to buy PVAc adhesive Lux D4 for wood?

The waterproof adhesive for wood can be purchased directly from the producer Lux-X LLC. Our plant is located in Kharkiv, with delivery across Ukraine. By contacting us, a manger will consult you in detail on all issues of interest. If required, we can send a technical expert to your enterprise to test the adhesive.

Order the adhesive or get consultations by telephone +38 (057) 766-06-36 or on the company website lux-x.com.