New! PVA Adhesive "Lux".

"Lux-X" company expands its line of construction adhesives and offers an advanced development which has already successfully proved in the market - PVA adhesive "Lux". It is highly-concentrated water-resistant adhesive not only for professionals but for everyone!

Advantages: excellent adhesion to various materials, does not contain any fillers, high concentration of the basic substance - 51 %, water resistance level D2-D3, can be used in damp premises, contains preserving additives, possible dilution with water before use to desired consistency.

It is ideally suited for joinery products bonding! It is applied for bonding of the following: wood, plywood, paper, cardboard, leather, textiles; for bonding linoleum on various basis; for inclusion in water mortars, emulsion paints, putties, etc.

It is produced in plastic buckets of 1, 3 and 5 litres. Other packaging on demand.

To review the complete technical information and to order the adhesive from the manufacturer, you can navigate to the directory of cold adhesives, page PVA adhesive "Lux".