LUX-X LLC has launched the production of a new line of LUX ЕСО adhesives for packaging and the printing industry

  1. Applications of LUX ЕСО adhesives
  2. Advantages of LUX ЕСО adhesives
  3. Properties of LUX ЕСО adhesives

The current very popular trend is to use green products. Hence, to keep abreast of times, SPE LUX-X LLC has developed its proprietary line of ЕСО adhesives.

LUX ЕСО adhesives are produced exclusively of safe components, which are permitted for use in the production of food packaging, children’s goods and other kinds of products. This group of adhesives is easy to handle in a complex production environmentand is used for working with different paper and cardboard for assembling packaging and printed products.

Applications of LUX ЕСО adhesives

  • Assembly of tubes, cores, and cardboard-wound products

  • Assembly of containers and corrugated cardboard and cardboard packages

  • Production of paper bags and packets

  • Production of printed products

  • Production of corner protectors and honeycomb cardboard

Due to the many year research by the staff of the SPE LUX-Х laboratory, the LUX ECO product line includes the following five unique adhesive brands:

  • Lux-R ЕСО-25 adhesive
  • Lux-R ЕСО-26D adhesive
  • Lux-R ЕСО-33 adhesive
  • Lux-R ЕСО-34D adhesive
  • Lux-R ЕСО-40D adhesive

Advantages of LUX ЕСО adhesives

During the production of any end product, it is critical to use quality raw materials for the product to have an aesthetic appearance and a long service life. Adhesive materials play a significant role during production. Therefore, an adhesive should meet definite criteria:

  • Have good adhesion properties to steadfastly join materials with one another;
  • Provide stiffness for a product to preserve its shape even under adverse ambient conditions;
  • Have a high setting rate for working with modern equipment;
  • Be environmentally-friendly and safe for people and domestic animals;
  • Have a neutral smell.

All these properties are inherent to adhesives of the LUX ЕСОproduct line!

Properties of LUX ЕСО adhesives

  • Dispersion colour – light beige.
  • Produced using synthetic and natural polymers, filling materials, thickeners, and stabilising and preserving additives.
  • Suitable for applying with roller and disk machines, and with the help of nozzles.
  • Impregnates the cardboard layer well, with fast surface setting.
  • Non-toxic.
  • The adhesive joint is resistant to external factors.
  • When cleaning equipment, the adhesive is washed off with warm water andwith minimum effort.
  • Application temperature, +15 ˚С to +30 ˚С.

To maintain a high level of management system compliance to international standards, LUX-X LLC complies strictly to ISO 9001:2015 requirements. This system helps ensure a highquality of manufactured products and production stability.

Here one can find more information about LUX cold-applied adhesives for the PRINTING INDUSTRY and PACKAGING

Bear in mind that theproper choice of an adhesive has an effect on the quality of the tasks to be performed. To be fully confident in the production result, we recommend consulting LUX-X LLC specialists by telephone numbersshown here.