E-commerce packaging adhesives

Today, e-commerce is one of the most popular ways for consumers to buy goods and services. The magic of shopping online is that, from the comfort of your very own home, at any time of day or night, with just a few clicks, the product that caught your eye can arrive at your door in almost no time at all.

This effortless process, in addition to the shift to online living during 2020, saw the e-commerce sector gain even more momentum. Global e-commerce sales broke $4 trillion in 2020 – a growth rate of 27.6%. By 2023, sales are predicted to reach $6.54tn. This increase in products sold over the internet has piled further pressure on the adhesives industry to meet the increased demand for quality adhesives for parcels of all shapes and sizes.

Adhesives for packaging have long been one of the largest sales segments of LUX-X.We manufacture and supply adhesives which bonds a great variety of packaging substrates together such as plastic and the more environmentally favoured card as well as pressure sensitive adhesives for tapes and closing applications.

E-commerce packaging adhesives now must be able to cope with the latest intricate packaging designs whilst remaining safe and reliable on complex commutes (where they are repeatedly handled). Adhesive manufacturers are now having to keep up with both the retailer and the consumers’ fast -changing demands such as tamper-resistant seals and return ready packaging.

With online shopping, the first contact the customer has with a brand is often through the packaging they receive their parcel in. It is our job as an adhesive manufacture to work closely with these brands to ensure the glue we provide holds the package together effectively as well as is applied cleanly as to not hamper the final product’s ‘aura’.

Our partner, British manufacturer of hot melt adhesives Beardow Adams, is now focusing on more sustainable packaging solutions for e-commerce. Their report showed that not only will 67% more people shop online next year, but 68% of consumers will look for plastic-free packaging options. The environment is a big focus at Beardow Adams, and their bio-based hot melt adhesives are hugely popular in Europe and America.

Beardow Adams’ Pressen™ range offers quality, proven e-commerce adhesives. Hot-melt adhesive Pressen 2362 was designed to give excellent adhesion on difficult to bond surfaces with low surface energy such as highly varnished, coated, or glossed boards and packaging materials. Hot melt Pressen 1968 is suited for low energy filmic surfaces like LDPE, HDPE and laminates. Such as the self-adhesive closure strip on courier bags.

Beardow Adams also specialises in adhesives for the fast-growing flexible packaging sector which minimises material and shipping costs, reduces waste and supports the expansion of the e-commerce economy. The rise in demand for e-commerce flexible packaging adhesives is now being driven by consumers’ distaste for excess packaging when their items are delivered. Head to our website for more information https://lux-x.com/en/produkciya/klej-rasplav

Waste no time in asking LUX-X to be your sole e-commerce packaging adhesive solution provider by emailing: office@lux-x.com today.