Storage and transportation of Lux dispersion adhesive in winter

With the first frost, we ask all partners of Lux-X to pay special attention to changes in transportation, storage conditions and the use of dispersive industrial adhesives.

In winter, the transportation of dispersion adhesives should be carried out in a specially equipped transport. This will allow proper temperature maintenance of more than 5 °С during delivery. As well, it will also prevent the glue from re-freezing and maintain high product quality.

After being delivered to your warehouse, Lux™ adhesives must be stored in a tightly closed container in a dry, heated room. Compliance with these conditions will preserve the adhesive quality characteristics throughout the shelf life and will save you from unnecessary costs and interruptions in production.

Before direct use of dispersive and hot melt adhesives, it is necessary for them to acclimatize in workshop conditions for at least 24 hours. This will allow the glue to warm up to room temperature and maintain its adhesive characteristics. We also recommend pre-heating all materials to be bonded, since gluing cold surfaces may lead to subsequent separation of the finished product.

There are no special requirements regarding temperature for the line of BeardowAdams™ hot-melt adhesives. To preserve the adhesive properties of the product stated by the manufacturer, it is necessary to preserve the integrity of the package and protect it from moisture.