Reinforcing and Waterproofing Concrete Hardener

LUX-M Hardener C to reinforce and waterproof concrete is a protective coating, the main purpose of which is to reinforce the concrete surface and protect it from water soaking. It is intended both for floors and walls of recently laid or previous foundations to increase their service life.

LUX-M Hardener C makes the rated strength and waterproofness class of the concrete surface really increase.

Due to the fact that the hardener penetrates deeply into concrete, it provides better protection of the surface from moisture, microorganisms, and cracking, compared to similar products. Apart from its protective functions, the hardener removes dust from the coating and makes it look shiny.

Scope of application

It is applicable in civil and military construction, for reinforcing protective shelters and defence installations, concrete surfaces in air-raid shelters, metro stations, warehouses, underground parking lots, hiding places, basements, etc.

Also, this hardener may be applied in major road, residential and agricultural construction, including locations with increased traffic load, such as airports, concrete bridges, tunnels, roads, piers, berths, parking lots, car washes and other industrial and household premises.

It is compatible with most dry topping hardeners. One may use it for making an intermediate coating before further application of finishing materials of any kind, and in the final stage of concrete and stone polishing. The hardener may be used for interior and exterior surfaces of premises and structures, too.

Recommendations for use

The hardener is completely ready to be applied, there is no need to dilute it with water.

Apply the hardener at temperatures ranging from +5°C to +30°C. Do not apply it in rainy weather.

Mind to apply it on a clean concrete base only, with no bleed water, and preliminary treatment of the surface with primers and/or paints. Do not apply it into immature concrete, wait for 1-2 weeks to make it harden up. You may apply the hardener on a concrete base that has been previously treated with a reinforcing agent.

Before applying the hardener, make sure that you have all the necessary supplies and tools at hand, such as a microfiber mop, a spray gun and a sanding machine.

Prepare the floor surface before applying the hardener. For this purpose, remove the loose layer of concrete, seal up all dints and cracks, and treat the base with a sanding machine. The treatment must be at least 1.5 mm deep.

Before applying the hardener, you have to to vacuum the concrete surface and wash it up with a liquid detergent (with 7+ pH). Next, mop the floors and leave it to dry up.

Before use, properly shake the container.

Apply an even layer of the hardener to the floor surface. Make sure to properly impregnate the surface with the hardener. We recommend to use a microfiber mop for the best hardener's application. There should be no puddles, mind that. Apply several layers of the hardener, but mind to apply the next layer only if the previous layer is no longer sticky and properly dried-up. We recommend to apply the second layer an hour after the first application, with the third layer applied in two hours after the previous layer's application.

Mind that the corrosion activity of the hardener's composition is pH˃10, so, in order to prevent etching, glass and metal surfaces must be properly protected.

There should be no dry areas left on the treated surface. If necessary, you should keep on moistening the surface within 45 minutes. In an hour after the start of treatment, remove all the hardener's remains (if any) from the surface with a soft scraper. If the surface is too porous, treat it once again in 12-15 hours.

Product composition and properties

LUX-M Hardener C is produced on the basis of hydrous silicate and modified acrylics.

It is an opaline homogeneous liquid, with no visible suspended particles.

Available in 10, 20, 30 and 1,000 kg polymer containers.

Buy the LUX-M Hardener C to reinforce and waterproof concrete.

We recommend that you test the material before application. Our specialists will always give you a helping hand regarding any matter. Please check the hardener's price with our managers. They will be happy to answer any of your questions if you call +38 (057) 766-06-6-36, or fill out the feedback form on our website.