D-Limonene cleaner for equipment

  1. Physico-chemical properties and characteristics of D-Limonene
  2. Application
  3. Cleaning systems for application of a hot melt adhesive
  4. How else is adhesive cleaner used?
  5. Storage recommendations
  6. Buy the equipment cleaner

Lux-X LLC is extending its range of cleaning agents for equipment and technical use. It offers its buyers the D-Limonene cleaner that has perfectly well demonstrated its fine qualities at major industrial enterprises.

D-Limonene is a colorless liquid with a citrus odor. It is a constituent of essential oils found in citrus plants. It dissolves fats well and therefore is an alternative to such solvents as alcohol and acetone. The cleaner contains terpene oil.

The cleaner is intended for effective external cleaning and removal of solidified and gummed up residue of hot melt adhesives and deposits from the surfaces of bonded assemblies and equipment. It is used for cleaning the parts of nozzles, filters and spraying cones. The cleaner can be used for removing adhesive residue from metal, ceramic, glass, wooden and other surfaces.

D-Limonene cleaner dissolves a hot melt adhesive applied as a 100-200 µm layer in about 4-5 seconds!


Physico-chemical properties and characteristics of D-Limonene

The hot-melt adhesive cleaner offered by LUX-X is a colorless substance with an oily consistency that may have a yellowish tint. Since the product consists of terpene oil, it does not mix with or dissolve in water. If it is necessary to combine D-Limonene with water, an emulsifier must be used - as a rule, this method is used in the production of combined cleaning products. 

Limonene is a hydrocarbon from the terpene group. 

Main properties of Limonene: 

  • the substance is flammable, ignites at a temperature of 50 °C, so it is prohibited to work with it near an open fire source; 
  • self-ignition is possible at a temperature of 200 °C; 
  • specific gravity at 20 °C – 0.842; 
  • degree of safety – adhesive remover liquid is toxic to aquatic organisms, so it should not be discharged into bodies of water. 

Important: hot melt adhesive solvent causes irritation if it comes into contact with the skin and mucous membranes in its pure form, so when working with it you must use personal protective equipment. The substance must be stored out of the reach of children.


D-Limonene should always be used in an undiluted cold condition. The cleaner can be sprayed or applied mechanically onto the surface to be cleaned. Wet the dirty surface and keep it so for some time for the cleaning agent to take effect, and then wipe the surface with a cloth. If required, repeat the operation.

The cleaning agent can be used to wet hard-to-access parts of a mechanism fouled with an adhesive or a deposit. The cleaner can be used repeatedly after its application by filtering it through a fine gauze.

Cleaning systems for application of a hot melt adhesive

  1. For best effectiveness, keep metal parts in the cleaner for some time.
  2. If nozzles are clogged, remove them and keep in the cleaner, and install spare clean nozzles instead of the removed ones.
  3. Scheduled cleaning of nozzles and other parts can be done along with the cleaning and washing of equipment for applying the hot melt adhesive, for instance, when shutting down the system for maintenance.
  4. If desired, nozzles can be removed and cleaned regularly, with spare nozzles being installed instead. This can be done every time when an excessive hot melt adhesive deposit accumulates on the nozzles.
  5. It is recommended to remove the filter cassettes regularly, once every 3-4 weeks, immerse them in the cleaner and replace with clean spare filters. After the removed filter has been cleaned, it can be used next time as a spare one.

These recommendations are given to ensure smooth operation of the system for hot melt adhesive application, and they should be observed together with all other recommended procedures.

Очищення систем нанесення термоклею

How else is adhesive cleaner used?

Limonene is a multifunctional substance; its scope of application is very wide. He can play the role: 

  • how alternatives to benzene, acetone, xylene, toluene, white spirit - in this case, Limonene cleaner will be safer and more environmentally friendly; 
  • a component of perfume compositions - it is used as a fragrance for aromatizing household chemicals, for example, dishwashing liquids (it gives a citrus aroma); 
  • cleaning agent in production - a solvent for removing glue copes with resins, waxes, fats, oil industry products, varnishes; 
  • degreaser – due to its ability to dissolve fat, hot melt adhesive remover Limonene is used to treat various surfaces before painting; 
  • substances to remove traces of stickers or chewing gum; 
  • component of insecticides and repellents – insect control products containing it are successfully used for people and pets. 

For Limonene, the price depends on the volume of the container and the total order quantity; we sell the substance in containers from 900 ml to 200 liters – detailed information can be obtained from the manager. You can buy D-Limonene in bulk at LUX-X, delivery of goods is carried out by transport companies throughout Ukraine, and payment is made to a bank account, which we will send to you by email after confirming the order.

Storage recommendations

Keep in a dry cool place in the original container with a tightly closed cap away from ignition sources and food products. The warranty storage term is 6 months from the packaging date.

Buy the equipment cleaner

To buy D-Limonene equipment cleaner from the importer in Ukraine – LUX-X LLC, click on the “Order” button or call by telephone +38 (057) 766 06 36. Our managers will contact you as soon as possible.