«Lux-X» took part in Applied Research Conference «Packaging Industry»

It is well known that the third part of food products in the world spoil and then utilized. Out of 4 billion tons of food products produced in the world (548 kg per person), 1.3 billion tons worth over 1 trillion USD get spoiled and utilized, therefore, not reaching the table of 7.3 billion people across the world.

These and other challenges, as well as the possibility to reduce costs of wasted food, were discussed on September 20-21, 2017 at the Applied Research Conference “Packaging Industry” (technical issues addressed to Save Food)”. The Conference was held by the Research and Information Center “Packaging” in Bryukhovychy, Lviv region.

Contributors in their interventions stressed on specific technical solutions which will help to preserve consumer characteristics of food products in the production of packaging materials and will continue their usable shelf life.

Taking into account the increasing dynamics of population around the world and the corresponding need for growth in the production of agro-industry complex, the issues of long-term preservation of the qualitative characteristics of food products and drinks are particularly important today. The solution to this problem could not be found without the development of the necessary packaging materials and packaging designs.

The aim of participating in the conference of Scientific and Production Enterprise "Lux-X" (LLC) was to discuss the development and and introduction of innovative technologies for glue systems in packaging, the ways of effective implementation of Save Food products, as well as  exchanging views between the participants and establishing business contacts.