Glass fibre wallpaper glue: how to choose the glue and make no mistake?

  1. What kind of glue is needed for glass fibre wallpaper?
  2. What kind of glue to choose for glass fibre wallpaper?
  3. How to properly use glue for glass fibre wallpaper?
  4. Where to buy special glue for glass fibre wallpaper?

During renovation work, it is trendy to face walls with glass fibre wallpaper. Glass fibre wallpaper is a covering interwoven of quartz fibre. It is used as a individual material for indoor facing work. Natural components serve as a raw material for the glass fibre sheet to guarantee its aesthetic appearance and environmental safety.

An essential advantage is that glass fibre fabric does not collect dust and makes the interior look new for a long time. Besides, such a surface is cleaned easily. As compared to other kinds of facing materials, glass fibre wallpaper has enhanced reinforcing properties. The wallpaper is extremely durable to protect the wall surface from cracking. Such wallpaper is extremely fire and moisture resistant.

That is why glass fibre wallpaper is suitable for any kinds of rooms, and it is a worthy designer solution for a home, an office and other public premises.

Note that, following gluing, glass fibre wallpaper can be covered with a paint coating, which serves as a protective layer for the material. Prior to painting, the wall surface needs to be prepared properly and wallpapered. Such wallpaper is attached to walls using a specially chosen glue. Therefore, to preserve the quality of the wallpaper proper and create a nice interior design, a definite kind of glue should be used.

What kind of glue is needed for glass fibre wallpaper?

Working with glass fibre wallpaper requires a special adhesive capable of supporting the big weight of the sheet and ensuring a reliable adhesive sticking of the material to the surface.

A quality glue for glass fibre wallpaper should have the following characteristics:

  • Provide secure adhesive bonding of the heavy sheet to the wall;
  • Be non-toxic for humans and pets;
  • Be easy to use;
  • Be free of spots after drying.

What kind of glue to choose for glass fibre wallpaper?

Ready-to-use Lux glue has all the above-mentioned characteristics of a high-quality adhesive. Apart from the mentioned standard properties, Lux glue has the following advantages:

  • Hypoallergenic: the adhesive contains natural components.
  • Protects the covering against fungi and mould.
  • Withstands several freezing cycles.
  • Dries fast, in less than 2 hours.
  • Allows sheet adjustment during 15-20 minutes after gluing.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Packaged in easy-to-handle and sealed 1, 5 and 10-kg plastic containers.

How to properly use glue for glass fibre wallpaper?

While working with glass fibre wallpaper, follow several glue application rules to preserve sheet quality and ensure fine and strong adhesive bonding:

  • During wallpapering, take into account the temperature conditions and humidity level in the room. It is best to glue glass fibre wallpaper at +10 to +30 °С and air humidity within 70%.
  • Apply the glue not onto the wallpaper, but onto the wall surface in a thick layer by using such tools as a roller, a gluing applicator or a wide brush. In so doing, spread the glue more than needed to 1-1.5 m.
  • The wallpapered surface should be dry and smooth, and precoated with a primer solution.
  • Glue precut-to-size wallpaper strips vertically to the wall, using a plumb line. Thoroughly smooth the wallpaper from the middle to the edges with a spatula. If a wallpaper strip has been glued wrong, it can be easily peeled off and glued on again.

  • After the glue has dried, the finishing job – painting can be started. Before painting, we recommend priming the glued on wallpaper evenly with glue diluted with water at least by 10%. This will save much on paint consumption further on. Paint the wallpaper no earlier than in 24 hours following its gluing.
  • After work is over, wash tools with water.
  • Following wallpapering, make sure there is no direct solar radiation and draughts in the room.

Where to buy special glue for glass fibre wallpaper?

Though this type of facing material offers all the indispensable advantages for consumers, the material price is fairly high. To make wallpapering easier, we recommend choosing a special glue for glass fibre wallpaper because multipurpose adhesive mixtures can damage the material and bond it to the wall insecurely. Find more information about adhesives for glass fibre wallpaper here.

Order quality glue directly from Lux-X LLC – the producer of commercial adhesives. Lux adhesive offers not only all the indispensable advantages, but it is also sold at bargain prices. For more information on glue prices and specifications, call by telephone at the link or hit the red “Callback” button.