Beardow Adams celebrates 40 years

In 2016, the world's largest manufacturer of hot melt adhesives BeardowAdams (Adhesives) Ltd (UK) celebrates the 40th anniversary of the founding of the plant. Over the years BeardowAdams has built a reputation as the UK's best innovative manufacturer.

The founders of the company - Bob Adams and Nick Birdow note that the corporate spirit of the company is as strong today as it was in 1976, when Nick Birdow opened his production.

Today, after 40 years of unprecedented success, the company is uniquely positioned to develop high quality hot melt adhesives to meet any customer requirement with exceptional service.

As a global leader in hot melt adhesives, BeardowAdams continually develops and expands capabilities to improve customer experience, production efficiency and lower costs.

Trusted by over 10,000 customers worldwide, Beardow Adams provides proven solutions to the packaging, labeling, woodworking, product assembly and printing industries.