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Brand new dispersive adhesives of "Lux-P" packaging line.

Новые дисперсионные клеи линейки «Люкс-Р» для упаковки.

The "Lux-X" company expands the range of "Lux-P" packaging line adhesives and offers you brand new fine-grained adhesives "P-2" and "P-5", which gain a leading positions due to their high quality and unique properties.


 Thanks optimally chosen formulation the adhesives have no effect spraying, they are stable at high speed equipment, have an optimum speed setting and drying.


 New brand adhesives provide excellent adhesion of a cardboard, a cardboard spirally rolled packaging and corrugated boxes giving more "clean" work on the equipment. "P-2" adhesive is used for in-line application method with the use of nozzles; "P-5" is designed for the application with swath and disc machines.


Consider the close cooperation of our company with customers, a SPC "Lux-X" LLC scientific laboratory develops a specialized and sophisticated adhesives that are adapted to the customers’ production who erase new and unforeseen problems working with different materials and meet the unique needs of customers.