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Crimean vine producers don’t want to lose Ukrainian market

Крымские производители вина не хотят потерять украинский рынок.


Crimean vine producers can not supply the products from the peninsula to the mainland therefore they are forced to transfer their bottling capacities to Ukraine.  Experts believe this is a justified step as Ukrainians extensively have switched to a cheaper local vine because of hryvnya devaluation.


Ukrainian market attracts vintners. The Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Oleksiy Pavlenko reported of passing re-registration in Kiev of all 23 government enterprises including well-known “Massandra”, “Novyi svit” and “Magarach”. “We must save the original Ukrainian brand names from falling apart. This is a matter of honour. I understand too much time had passed. But I believe it’s not too late”, declared he.


The Executive director of “Ukrvinprom” Volodymyr Kucherenko confirmed that “Massandra” was planning to bottle its beverages   in  continental Ukraine and added the enterprise had been experiencing heavy conditions in the Crimea. The designated representatives of “Massandra”, “Novyi svit” and “Magarach” didn’t comment on the situation.


In the mainland wine is already bottled under the trademark “Koktebel”. “Inkerman”, a wine market leader, has been already partly transferred the production from the Crimea to Kherson oblast.


In addition Ukraine attracts others alcoholic beverage producers. For example “Olimp” bottles its brandies under the trademarks “Bahchisarai”, “Lionel” and “Marsell” not at the Crimean manufacturing plant “Bahchisarai”, but at the Kherson brandy manufacturing plant “Tavria”.  Wines under the trademark “Bahchisarai” are bottled at the capacities of “Odessavinprom”.


Manufacturers transfer their capacities to Ukraine not to lose the alcoholic beverage market. The problem is that for now it’s impossible to bottle wine in the Crimea and deliver it to the mainland since the producers can’t receive Ukrainian strip stamp.


“Kiev unilaterally forbade Crimean enterprises to deliver groceries including alcoholic products to Ukraine if they have a Russian registration”, added Mykhailo Shtyrlin, the Executive director of “Legend of the Crimea” the group of companies.


“Some of the  big companies partly or totally have transferred bottling. These included those manufacturers whose positions were strong across the board in Ukrainian market at the moment when the Crimea was annexed. We talk about customer loyalty to the trademark, availability of goods in retail chain that made a high-lying level of sales. They certainly wanted to keep up their achievements”, says Serhiy Mykhailetchko, the director of “Winegrowers and vintners of Ukraine” association.  To realize the products the manufacturers buy wine-making materials in Odessa or Kherson oblasts, as far as for now it’s almost impossible to establish stable supplies from the peninsula.


Based on www.news.allcrimea.net