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The “Lux-X” company provides the analogue of PVA dispersions - “Lux P-20” adhesive

Дисперсия ПВА. Компания «Люкс-Х» предлагает клей «Люкс Р-20».


The “Lux-X” company provides “Lux P-20” adhesive of its own production, which is the analogue of plasticized PVA dispersions. The adhesive has high adhesion to various materials. It’s designed for use in a variety of industries: packaging, printing, woodworking, furniture and textile industry, building, etc.


“Lux P-20” is a modified water-soluble adhesive based on polyvinyl acetate dispersion, polymerization accelerators, curing agents, stabilizers and preserving agents. It is used for in-line application method and it matches for the roller and disc machines application, as well as for manual application.


Product features:

- Viscosity at 20 ° C, (Rheotest 2 H, 2b):  80-100 Pa * s;

- Dry residue,%:  51 ± 2;

- PH:  4 ± 1;

- Fast adhesive tack range;

- Non-toxic;

- Adhesive bond is resistant to external factors;

- Physical form: white liquid, it dries to a transparent coat;

- Operating temperature: +10° to + 30° C;

- Ready for use, must be mixed before use.


The company's staff may develop or match adhesive on individual customer requirements. It provides a complete technological and informational support during adhesive use.