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Innovative BAMCare hot melt adhesive for non-woven materials

Инновационные клеи-расплавы ВАМCare  для нетканых материалов

The non-woven market is the single largest area for use of hot melt adhesives, worldwide. Disposable hygiene products all use them in their construction and application processes, so adhesive play a vital role in the performance of the end products.


The BAMCare hot melt adhesive range is practical, sustainable and fully able to serve this diverse and demanding market. The range was developed to offer the optimum level of cohesive strength combined with high adhesion to non-woven, absorbent and backing materials used in the construction of these products.


The BAMCare range includes products that have been specifically designed for the use in feminine hygiene or diaper and construction industries worldwide. The range is completed with hot melt adhesives designed for the self-adhesive positioning strip on feminine hygiene and other similar products to secure the product in the place.


The BAMCare hot melt adhesive can be applied by a whole range of different methods according to requirements. The BAMCare range has:

• Colourless

• No odour

• Suitable for skin contact

 • Non-blocking in the end product

• Highly adhesive and elasticity